Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Wedding Wednesday - Esther Helen Musson

Esther Helen Musson and Edward Leslie Breach were married in Rangiora, New Zealand in 1929
Esther was born in 1911 at Belfast, Canterbury, New Zealand.
She was the sixth child, the 3rd daughter, of James Christopher Musson and Margaret Ann Hay Forsyth.

Edward Leslie Breach was born in 1898 at Rangiora.  He was a school teacher.

Bridesmaids are Muriel Breach (left) and Betty Stevenson (right)
Groomsmen are Esther's brother, Jim Musson (my grandfather) on the left and Alan Shaw on the right.


  1. Beautiful! I love wedding photos. Apparently none of my ancestors had traditional weddings.

  2. What a lovely photo! I adore the bridal gown. Simply gorgeous.