Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Tombstone Tuesday - Forsyth's at New Aberdour

Aberdour Graveyard, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

There are more graves around behind the old building and that is where my Forsyth family headstone is situated.  My 3rd great grandparents, Robert Forsyth and Helen nee Thomson, are buried here with their second youngest son, Edward Gerrard Forsyth and his family.  The following two photos were taken a couple of years ago for me by Robert and Helen's grandson, Patrick.  As this is in Scotland and I am in Australia I am extremely grateful to have these photos.

Errected by Edward G Forsyth, Mid Cowbog, in loving memory          of his wife Helen Y Jamieson b. 1871-d. 1918; 
Also their sons Henry Alexander died in infancy;
Gnr Edward Gerrard b. 1894 d. in France 1916 - interred in St. Sever, Rouen;
John b. 1896 d. 1918. 
His father Robert Forsyth b. 1824-d. 1886;
And his mother Helen Thomsonb. 1825-d. 1917; 
His grand daughter Elizabeth Ingram b. 1907- d. 1914. 
His mother in law Elizabeth Thom b. 1838- d. 1915; 
His daughter Annie b. 1911- d. 1953 
The above Edward G Forsyth b. 1863-d. 1956.
Also their daughter Georgina who died 22nd June 1986 aged 77 years.
Also their daughter Jane Helen who died 8th Sept 1988 aged 87 years.

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  1. I also have Scottish connections, in Ayr. Someday I hope to see their stones in a lovely churchyard like this :)