Monday, 27 October 2014

Treasure found

Yesterday my stepdad brought out my late mum's tin trunk that had belonged to her mother and goodness knows who else before her.

In it I  found a book which must have been a treasured item.

The book titled "Little Miss Vanity" was written by Mrs Henry Clarke and published by Blackie & Son Limited of Glasgow, London and Bombay

There are thirteen illustrations by W. S. Stacey

This book is undated and I found there were quite a few later publications but its seems this one was published around 1900.

It was awarded to my grandmother, Daisy Morgan, in 1918.

Diocesan book society rear St. Paul's Cathedral, Melbourne

Pressed between the pages of the book was this pansy.
Goodness knows how long that has been there.

Monday, 20 October 2014

Mystery Monday - What happened to David Adams? (Updated)

I'm updating and reposting this earlier blog post as a part of  Geneabloggers prompt  Mystery Monday.

My great grandfather, John Adams, was one of nine children born to George Adams and Catherine nee Barry listed below.  John married Mary Agnes Morgan on the 7th of November 1887 at Essendon, Victoria.  John's brother, David Adams, was a witness at their marriage.

  1. Susan born 1854 Fremantle WA married John Tunney.  Died 1880 Victoria
  2. George born 1856 Hotham (North Melbourne).  Died 1876 Major Plains, Victoria
  3. John born 1858 North Melbourne. Married Mary Agnes Morgan.  Died 1937 Victoria
  4. Mary born 1860 North Melbourne.  Died 1878 Richmond, Victoria.
  5. Edward born 1862 Hotham (North Melbourne.  Married Selina Clifton.  Died 1933 New Zealand
  6. Catherine (Katie) born 1864 Melbourne.  Married John McFadyen.  Died 1946 Victoria.
  7. David born 1866 Hotham (North Melbourne) was still alive at his father's death in 1921.
  8. Margaret born 1868 Albany, Western Australia. Married James Mansfield.  Died 1926 Victoria
  9. Annie born 1870 Albany, WA.  Married Henry Sloan.  Died 1960 Ascot Vale, Victoria.
David is the only one we don't know anything more about.  We have searched multiple combinations and variations of possible marriages and deaths to no avail.  The only clues we have found on him so far are mentions in family Wills that at least tell us he was still alive but not where he was living. 
He was a beneficiary in the Will of his father, George Adams in 1921 and also in the Will of his sister, Margaret Mansfield in 1926.

After that ZILCH but I recently had a phone conversation with, Mrs Fisher, a newly found niece of David Adams - read that story here.  
She mentioned a vague memory of her younger years (she is currently 91) of meeting an Uncle of hers who she visited at his tiny jewellers shop in Bourke Street, Melbourne.  She thought this was in her teenage years, so around 1940, and was fairly certain this Uncle's name was Joe Adams.  She said from memory he was a very nice gentleman but unfortunately can't remember much more.  Her mother was another who never spoke much at all about her family.  

After researching as much as possible, all the other Uncles in her family, we just can't find anyone named Joe who was a jeweller or similar.  Could this Joe be David?

 Christine, my sleuthing partner and fellow Adams descendant, found a possible David Adams in some interesting old newspaper articles.

In 1886 David would have been a young man of 20.  A young David Adams, along with some mates, got into a bit of bother with Police when they became mixed up with a rather dubious couple.
Could this be him?  As the article states, David was from a "respectable working class" family.


The Hotham police on Friday and Saturday arrested five young men well known in the town, one of them being Joseph Tankard, a prominent member of the Hotham Football Club, on a charge of having criminally assaulted a woman named Mary Ann Shields At about 1 o'clock on Friday morning Constable Kenny, who was on duty at the Royal park had his attention attracted to a number of men who were close together at some distance from the road. On proceeding close to the spot, the constable noticed that there was a woman with them, and he went for assistance, returning shortly afterwards with Constable Glynn. The constables soon overtook two of the party with a woman. The latter, on seeing the police, cried out, and stated that she had been outraged by five men. The two men with her, David Adams and Thomas Crystal, were then arrested and placed in the lockup. Late the same night Joseph Tankard, Arthur Forrest, and William Anderson were arrested. On Saturday morning they were presented at the local police court on the serious charge, and remanded till Thursday next. They are all young men, their ages ranging from 19 to 24 years, and they belong to the respectable working class. The woman, who gave her name as Mary Ann Shields, is about 40 years of age, and miserably clad. Her reputed husband is described by the police as a "professional sundowner," and he has been convicted a number of times at Malmsbury, Castlemaine, and Hotham. The pair have no home, and they generally sleep out in such places as parks or unoccupied houses. The Government medical officer, Dr Shields, who examined the woman, does not speak positively as to the offence having been committed .

The boys were discharged.  

I can't with any certainty find David after the 1886 Royal Park adventure but on further hopeful searching for any information on the other young men it appears that Thomas Chrystal moved to Queensland.  
Interestingly, many years later in 1929, Thomas again came before the courts and was again discharged.  This time it was rather a sad tale though.

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Sunday's Obituary - Donald Fleming

Wangaratta Chronicle, Saturday December 24th, 1921                                                                                                                                     Mr. Donald Fleming died suddenly on Thursday afternoon, Thursday 22nd December, 1921, at his home in King Valley.  He appeared to be in his normal state of health that day but about 4 o'clock he collapsed and died.  The occurrence was reported to Constable Harry, of  Whitfield, and an inquiry was held by J.J. Stephens, J.P. of Whitfield when a verdict of death from natural causes was recorded.

The late Mr. Fleming was a son of Mr. and Mrs W.F. Fleming of Edi and 62 years of age.  Born at Castlemaine and after some years residence in the Goulburn Valley district he settled at King Valley about 30 years ago, and there with Mrs. Fleming and members of his family carried on mixed farming, dairying receiving most of his attention.

Mr. Fleming took an interest in many district movements and was an active worker towards their success. He was a member of the King Valley school committee and a trustee of the cemetery. He was well respected in the district and the news of his sudden death was heard of with deep regret by the residents.

Mr. Fleming, who was married at Echuca to Margaret Hart is survived by his wife and grown up family of 10 children. Members of the family are:- Messrs Alf (Melbourne), who was the 14th man to enlist in the A.I.F. rising to the rank of lieutenant: Donald; Archie; and Harold Fleming (King Valley)
Mesdames H. Crockett; Black; and Routledge (of Albury); Mrs A Barry (Myrtleford) and Misses Nellie and Myrtle Fleming (King Valley)

Brothers and sisters of the deceased are:- J.K. Fleming (Wangaratta); W.J. Fleming (Northcote) and M. Fleming (Wyalong NSW) Mesdames Tuckett (Kensington); Worrall (Brunswick); and Thompson (Nth Melbourne)

Interred at King Valley ? (Edi) cemetery yesterday. G.V. Steele in charge of arrangements.


My great grandfather, Donald Fleming, was born on the 16th of December, 1860 at Spring Hill.  The third child of eleven and second son of William Finlay Fleming and Ann Jane nee Knight who settled at Kotupna, Northern Victoria in the 1870s and in 1901 moved to the King Valley in the North East.

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Sibling Saturday - Fleming/Morgan wedding

On the 8th of October 1932 my maternal grandparents, Archibald William Finlay Fleming and Daisy Marion Morgan were married at Daisy's parents home, Willow Bank, Moyhu in North East Victoria.

The best man was Archie's younger brother Harold Fleming and the bridesmaid was Daisy's younger sister Mavis Morgan.

Friday, 17 October 2014

Sepia Saturday - Cobblers

My subject for Sepia Saturday this week is a Cobbler or Bootmaker.

My maternal grandmother's uncle, Thomas Fitzherbert Morgan 2nd, was a very well known and highly respected man in the small Victorian township of Euroa.

He was one of Euroa's earliest bootmakers 

Thomas was born in Euroa in 1868, the second eldest son of thirteen children to parents Thomas Fitzherbert Morgan and Mary Ann Pike.

He was born with a club foot.  Perhaps that was a contributing factor for him choosing the bootmaker trade.

I really like Tom Morgan's sense of humour in this newspaper advert.

Thomas was a member of the Ancient Order of Druids at Euroa.

He married Sarah McNay in 1894 and they had eleven children all born at Euroa.


Wednesday, 15 October 2014

A Loving gift

My husband bought this pair of swans for his much loved mum, Linda, in 1965.

Linda was born in 1914 at Koorweinguboora, near Daylesford in Victoria, the youngest daughter of William (Bill) Riley and Sarah nee Young.

Linda married Allan Taylor in 1944.  They had seven children and lived for many years at Numurkah in Northern Victoria.  

Linda died on the 25th of May 2005 at Numurkah,  She was 91 years of age.

Graeme had not long left school and started work at the Post Office so he must have saved his wages because they cost him £12 which I'm sure was a lot back then.

Linda cherished them.  Each time they moved house the swans were carefully wrapped to avoid breakage and carried in a cane basket by his mum until they reached their new destination.

We have also moved quite a bit so the swans have been wrapped and packed away for safe keeping for a few years now.  Today we got them out to check that they were still okay.

They are so beautiful to look at.  They stand 32 centimetres (13 inches) high and have a sort of a mother of pearl sheen.  I'm not sure what they're made of but are quite fine.  They're not as white as they look here in the photos.  There is no mark or name on the base of them just a hole that is often seen in the base of ornaments.  

Linda Marjorie Taylor nee Riley (1914 - 2005)

Adult children of Finlay Fleming and Jessie nee Splatt

Adult children of Finlay Fleming and his wife Jessie nee Splatt

William Finlay born 1893 Barwo (Kotupna/Nathalia) Victoria died 1974 Wangaratta, Victoria.

Elizabeth Ethel Linda born 1900 Nathalia, Vic died 1976 Clayton, Vic married first Dudley Norman Porter in 1920. They had six children.  Dudley died in 1945 and Elizabeth remarried Albert Ernest Cameron.

Jane/Jean Margaret born 1895 Barwo died 1981 Armadale, Victoria married Nelson Burns in 1917.  They had four children.

Vera Finlay born 1901 Moyhu, Victoria died 1992 Wangaratta, Victoria married Leonard Forge in 1921.  They had five children.

Mary Ann Sarah "Maisie" born 1904 Moyhu, Victoria died 1996 in New South Wales married Walter T Edwards at Mosman in 1930.  He died in 1960 and she remarried Jim O'Grady in 1966.

David Claude born 1897 Barwo, Victoria died 1978 Sorrento, Queensland married Agnes Frew Johnston.  They had two daughters.

Ethel Maude born 1899 Barwo, Victoria died 1976 Mildura, Victoria married John Lewis Burrell in 1918.  They had ten children.

Jessie Madeline "Madge" born 1903 Moyhu, Victoria died 1978 Parkville, Victoria married James Frederick Murphy at Wangaratta in 1929.  They had two daughters.

One daughter deceased so missing from the photo is Christina Florence Fleming born 1898 Barwo died 1953 at Mildura.  She married Garret Lyons in 1917 and they had two sons.

Their father, Finlay Fleming was the son of William Finlay Fleming and Ann Jane nee Knight.  He was born in 1864 at Spring Hill, Victoria and died in 1910 at Wangaratta.
He married Jessie Splatt at Echuca, Victoria in 1893.  Jessie was the daughter of William Edgar Splatt and Jane Margaret Simpson.  She was born in 1867 at Rokewood and died in 1942 at Whitfield, Victoria

The Fleming's had settled at Kotupna, near Nathalia in Northern Victoria, in the 1870s and in 1901 they moved to the King Valley in North East Victoria where the boys followed farming pursuits.

Finlay/Finley and Jessie are buried at the Whitfield, also known as the Hyem cemetery in North East Victoria, with their young grandson Phillip Burns who died in 1927

Wangaratta Despatch, August 6th, 1910 - Death of King Valley Farmer
The death of Mr. Finlay Fleming, a well known and much respected farmer of the King Valley, caused surprise and regret in the district on Wednesday.  The deceased was in his usual health last week, excepting for a cold to which he did not give much attention.  On Saturday, however, he became ill, and was brought to the Wangaratta hospital, where it was found he was suffering from pneumonia, he gradually got worse, and died about midnight on Tuesday.  The late Mr. Fleming, who was the fifth son of Mr. W.F. Fleming, of Edi (who celebrated his hundredth birthday in January last) was born at Creswick, but spent most of his life at Kotupna, where Mr. Fleming senior, settled after he gave up mining.  About eight years ago the parents and several of the sons moved to this district,  where they secured farms, and Mr. Finlay Fleming's residence on the King River dated back to that time,  he was a very industrious man, a good farmer, and possessed of excellent personal qualities that made him very popular.  His death at the early age of 46 years has been heard of with great regret for the deceased had many friends,  who regarded him as an acquisition to the Edi district.  His unexpected death comes with crushing effect, too upon his wife, who is left with a family of nine children, the eldest of whom is 16 years of age, and the youngest 5, the great sympathy has been expressed for her and the other relatives on this untimely bereavement,  Messrs. James, Donald, and Henry Fleming of Edi are deceased's brothers, another being resident in New South Wales, while Mrs. Lawrence (Whitfield), Mrs. Thomas (Albury), Mrs. Tuckett and Mrs. Worrall (Melbourne) are sisters.  The remains of deceased were interred in the Whitfield cemetery, the coffin being taken by train to Hyem stopping place on Wednesday afternoon.

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Lovely Blog Award 2014

I was thrilled to bits to find out today that my blog was amongst those nominated by fellow blogger Crissouli of  The Back Fence of Genealogy Blog.   

Thank you so much Chris.   


Her nominations can be seen here

For those who wish to pass on the award the guidelines are as follows:

  • Thank the person that nominated you and link back to that blog.
  • Share seven things about yourself – see below.
  • Nominate 15 bloggers you admire –or as many as you can think of!.
  • Contact your bloggers to let them know you’ve tagged them for the One Lovely Blog Award
Many of you may already follow some on my list and there are so many wonderful blogs that I love to read that it's really difficult to choose.

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As They Were                      Crissouli

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Lorri's Life                     Lorri

and as encouragement to a brand new blogger who is doing a wonderful job

Georgie's Genealogy    Georgie

Seven Things about Me:

I'm a wife, mum and nanny and I'm truly thankful to have such wonderful children.

I love my family dearly.

Researching and writing about family history is my passion.

I love making contact with other family members

I'm an avid reader.

Sometimes I really struggle to put my thoughts into words.

Due to the previous I often suffer with "foot in mouth disease" and it's writing equivalent.

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Sepia Saturday - Horses and carts

My paternal grandfather, Jim Forsyth (born James Richard Musson).  Written on back of photo is "Jim at Mooroopna" so possibly taken mid to late1940s.

My maternal grandmother, Daisy Marion Fleming nee Morgan probably taken in the Wangaratta, Myrtleford area of North East Victoria.

Written on the back of this photo that belonged to my paternal grandfather is "Mac's whare", Mac and Fat, which were nicknames of his brothers, Eric and Ian Musson and a couple of other illegible names.  
A whare is a maori hut or dwelling but I'm also told was also a name for a relocatable type of dwelling.  This one was used when the men went out doing harvesting or hunting I think. Possibly taken early to mid 1930s around the Christchurch or Rangiora area.

A photo from New Zealand, possibly Rangiora, of my paternal grandfathers young niece, Lynley Barker with a chap named Ted Walls or Wallis.  I haven't found his connection to the family.  This photo was possibly taken around 1934 or 5.

Taken in New Zealand, possibly Forsyth or Musson family members

You can read more Sepia Saturday posts here

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Kokoda Memorial Track at Ferntree Gully

I spent a few days last week staying with my daughter, son in law and 2 year old grandson. 

Lisa has always been into fitness and is lucky her salon is situated on the Burwood Highway near the Ferntree Gully National Park, a part of the amazing Dandenong Ranges National Park where there are several different walking tracks of varying lengths and grades of steepness.

A couple of times a week Lisa does the 1000 steps there which forms the Kokoda Track Memorial Walk.  The sign (further down page) says the 3km walk takes 1.5 hours return, Lisa does it in about 40 minutes!

The walk of 1000 steps was created in the early 1900s as a memorial to the experience of soldiers who had to follow the trail in Papua New Guinea in World War 2.  It is meant to give people a tiny sense of the exhaustion the soldiers suffered.

Lisa, Blake and my stepdad Bud.

Originally the steps were made from the trunks of tree ferns laid along the wetter areas of the track to make the climb a little easier. These were later replaced by wooden palings.  Then in 1950 the more permanent concrete steps were installed.
Information wall at the park.
Photo By Wilson Afonso ( [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
There is even a fantastic playground for the kids which Blake loved playing on while his mummy was away on the track.

And here's a plug  

Lisa's hairdressing salon is called Lisa Maree's Hair Design. and is situated at Shop 3/1206 Burwood Highway, Upper Ferntree Gully.

Click the link to go to The salon's facebook page 

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