Friday, 19 February 2016

Sepia Saturday 318 : Family Dogs

A timeline of some of my family's dogs.

My paternal grandfather's brothers, Ivor (Hip) and Alexander (Fat) Musson with their dogs at Rangiora, in New Zealand. Possibly early 1930s.

Me with my first dog about 1960.

My maternal grandparents, Daisy and Archie Fleming with their dogs Suzie (little terrier) and Goldie (Labrador) about 1967.

My brother, Ross and I with our much loved Lassie.

More dogs at my paternal grandparents, Jim and Brenda Forsyth's farm.

My mum with Lassie

My grandfather and Dad with Lassie late 1960s.

Uncle Willie (William Goodwin, husband of my paternal grandmother's sister) with his dog Duke.

Me with our Scotch Collies, Lassie and Laddie (very original) about 1972

Our childrens much loved Jack Russell, Nipper in Andrew's bike cart.  Taken at Dookie early 1990s.

Andrew and Lisa with Nipper and Tammy at the Dookie show early 1990s

Tammy won a ribbon.


Sunday, 14 February 2016

Sepia Saturday Sportsmen

As the chaps are playing golf my photos for this weeks Sepia Saturday theme is of sportsmen.

In the photo below, standing second from left (with the big moustache) is my great-grand uncle, Alexander Morgan.

Alex moved from Essendon, Victoria to Johnsonville near Wellington New Zealand in 1886.  He was then 24 years of age.  
I am not sure if this photo was taken in Australia or New Zealand.
His youngest brother John Morgan, who stayed in Australia to run the family pub, was also a keen cricketer.

Alex went on to be the head accountant for the New Zealand Treasury Department and was very involved with the Treasury cricket team as the photo below shows.
He is the portly older gentleman standing on the right (still with the big moustache)

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Sepia Saturday 315 - Cooking memories

I always remember my maternal grandmother, Daisy FLEMING  in her kitchen, wearing her apron, making tea and cooking her wonderful scones.
Her scone recipe was a very simple, never fail and thrifty one using just flour and cream with sultanas and sugar added for special occasions.
These images will have to remain in my memory as I have no photos of her kitchens.

I do remember my paternal grandmother, Brenda FORSYTH, also in her apron but more often in her garden and not so often cooking.  
I know she cooked but I don't think she often baked cakes and biscuits.  
Well, not that I remember anyway.

My paternal grandmother, Brenda FORSYTH in her backyard beside her hot house.
Nana FORSYTH was quite house proud.
These are some photos of her house at 535 Archer Road, Kialla, Victoria, taken in the late 1960s

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Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Trove Tuesday - Hulme families cricket match at Milawa.

In 1887 my Hulme, Land and Bartsch family members played a cricket match against Oxley at Milawa in North East Victoria.

Hulme Families v Oxley.
This novel cricket match was played at Milawa on Thursday, by way of celebrating the memory of St. Patrick, and done, too, it was to perfection— a festive day was spent. The former were cricketers chosen from a number of relations, who desired to try their skill against the local team, which they did, and were, watched with no common interest. The whole of the day's amusement was by no means confined to the national game, but picnicking, in its usual fashion, helped to complete the pleasure. Refreshments for the numerous spectators and cricketers were supplied with a most liberal hand by Mr. Edward HuIme, sen.
Perhaps a more social game at cricket was never before played on the Oxley ground; and it was quite certain that so many Hulmes, in masculine vigor feminine beauty never graced at one time the park before, for representatives of the Hulme families, inhabiting a very extensive district; were present — a large tribe; indeed and a good old English stock, to be the forefathers of that already, familiar name, " Hulme," of the generations between this and "Kingdom come." The match was commenced at one o'clock and was played with vigor till sunset. The Hulme families went first to the wickets and put together 45 runs in their first innings. Oxley, in their innings, however, exceeded this score by 28; out of the grand total, 73, Ellis making 21 and J. Reid 14. 
The former team played a   second innings, scoring this time 48. Time not permitting a continuation of the game, the match was decided in favor of Oxley. Some good batting and bowling were at times very conspicuous on both sides. 
The fielding was of a first-class order. 

Appended are the scores:
Hulme.Families; — First innings. 
A. J. Hulme, b Reid .......... 3 
E. Hulme, b Ellis .......... 1   
John Hulme. b Ellis .......... 2 
A. Land, b Reid .......... 5 
J. McCarthy, b Reid ..........11 
Arthur Hulme, b Ellis .......... 2 
J. C. Hulme, b Reid .... 1 
J. Land, c Reid .......... 2     
Jos. Hulme, c McAliece .......... 0 
Alf. Hulme .......... 6 
Jeremiah Hulme .......... 4 
Byes ..........8 
Second innings.   
A. J. Hulme, c and b Winning .... 0 
Alf. Hulme, b Winning ........ 4 
E. Hulme, b Winning ........ 5 
J. Hulme, b McAliece ........ 7 
A. Land, b McAliece ----- 1 
J. McCarthy, b McAliece ........ 8 
John Land, b Ellis ........ 17 
Arthur Hulme, b Reid ........ 1 
J. C. Hulme, b Reid ........ 0 
Jos. Hulme, b Reid ........ 0 
Jeremiah Hulme, b Reid 0 
Byes 5 
. . 48 
Lloyd, b A. Hulme ........ 5 
McKenzie, b McCarthy ........ 10 
M. Reid, run out ........ 0 
Ellis, b McCarthy ........ 21 
Reid, b Land...... 14 
McAliece, b Hulme ........ 6 
Gardner, b McCarthy ........ 1
Winning, b McCarthy ........ 1 
G. Kettle, b McCarthy ........ 4 
J. Kettle, b McCarthy ........ 2 
Bartch, b McCarthy ........ 1 
Byes 8 

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