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Lately I have been looking further into the descendants of Moses FLEMING who was the eighth child and fourth son of my great great grandparents William Finlay FLEMING and Ann Jane KNIGHT.
Ann Jane nee KNIGHT and William Finlay FLEMING
I've been fortunate to have made contact with a couple of Moses descendants who have come across my blog posts.  I am grateful for their contact.

Moses FLEMING married Mary Catherine HUGHS at Nathalia in Northern Victoria in 1891 and their first child, Ada Christine FLEMING was born there in 1892. 
They then moved up to New South Wales where the birth of their next child, John Henry FLEMING, was registered at Temora in 1893. 
The births of the next four children, all girls, were registered at Marsden in New South Wales. 
Marsden is just an area which is on the intersection of the Newell Highway-Mid Western Highway.
The births of the last three children, all boys,were registered at West Wyalong.

Today I decided to look for any further information regarding the second daughter of Moses and Mary.  
Ivy FLEMING was born in 1896, her birth was registered at Marsden.
In Trove I found Ivy and her sisters mentioned a few times attending local balls and cricket matches.  
From the many news articles, it seems Ivy had a full social life.

Ivy married a Reginald C Carfoot in 1925.  Their marriage was registered both at West Wyalong (registration # 17031) and Annandale (registration # 1703) near Sydney where I assume Reginald came from.
In 1930 Ivy and Reginald Carfoot were living at King Street in Junee, New South Wales (South of West Wyalong)  Reginald's occupation was Clerk.
1931 saw a tragic accident which appears to have involved Reginald.

Gundagai Times and Tumut, Adelong and Murrumbidgee District Advertiser (NSW : 1868 - 1931), Tuesday 12 May 1931, page 2
Motor Accident.
Death of Mr. Theo. Quick
At the court house on Friday Coroner Weekes continued the 
Inquiry concerning the motor accident at Coolac on April 21, when Theo. Quick lost his life. Constable O'Connor deposed; On 24th April received a message that there was a car accident at Coolac. On arrival at the spot on the Gundagai road, near the 10-mile peg, saw an upturned car and two men lying near it on the roadside. The first one examined, Theo, Quick, I found to be dead, and he appeared to have his neck broken. The other person, Reginald Carfoot, was unconscious and had a bad cut on the top of his head. Rang up Dr. Byrne and he arrived shortly afterwards, The doctor pronounced Quick dead and ordered Carfoot to be taken to Gundagai Hospital. Heard the occupants of the car came from Junee. The driver Quick was sober, but I could smell drink on Carfoot, and there was also two bottles of beer under the car. The car was a Baby Austin. Could not find any license in the car. Understand deceased's wife owns the car, Reginald Carfoot deposed : Am a clerk and have been residing at Junee; Have known deceased about three years. Last saw him alive on April 24. Was travelling with him in a car towards Coolac.
Have no recollection of any accident happening. The last I remem ber was driving along the road after leaving Gundagai. Left Junee between a quarter and half-past 5 p.m. We had two drinks of ale at Junee before we left and two at Gundagai. Deceased was perfectly sober. My memory Is defective In consequence of the injury received, Can't re member being taken to Gundagai Hospital. Have often driven with deceased before, and he was a good driver. Presumed deceased had a license. Deceased was a married man with one child. Generally de ceased was a hard-working man. The onlv time I use to see him was when his wife was away. Have never heard of him drinking. His position would not allow it. We were going to Queanbeyan for deceased's wife, I was going as far as Yass to catch the train for Sydney. Think we were travelling about 30 miles an hour at times 
To the Sergeant : Left Gundagai about 7.30 p.m. Don't think I was asleep, but It could be possible at the time of the accident. Purchased three bottles of beer at Junee and drank one at Nangus. Only had two drinks at Gundagai. At time ..... no idea what pace we were travelling. 
- Dr. Byrne deposed : On 24th April, at 9 p.m., was called to Coolac by Constable O'Connor in conse quence of a motor accident at the 10-mlle peg, On arrival saw de-ceased's body lying on tbe road. On examination found life was ex-tinct, and there was a large pool of blood alongside the body. Had the body removed to Hospital morgue and found very extensive fractures on the skull extending from ear to ear. The skull was fractured in many places, could not smell liquor on deceased. At the scene of the accident found Carfoot lying on the road, He was semi-conscious and there was a smell of drink on him. He was suffering from fracture of the skull. In my opinion death ln Quick's case was instantaneous. The corner where the accident happened is a very dangerous place, especially to one not used to the road.
Frederick Hlgham deposed : Live in delicensed Coolac hotel. On 24th April, about 8.20 p.m., was in the house and heard a car pass, Heard someone speaking in the car and immediately heard a crash. My wife said there was an accident. We ran out to where the car was It was turned upside down, with lights burning. Saw two hats on the roadside near the car and a man's hand on the ground. Said 'Is anybody hurt ?' Got no reply and saw no movement.. Ran to nearest house for assistance. A man named Hurley came. Went for my son and another. When we returned several men were there, and got the two men from under the car. Some ladies assisted and and rubbed the men with brandy This would account for the smell of liquor on the men. Constable O'Connor arrived and afterwards the doctor. The cause of the accident was the car striking a post at the corner. The post was knocked out of the ground. The car also struck another post. The car was overturned. The car seemed to be travelling fast and went off the road before It struck the post. Have heard travellers say the spot is the most dangerous on the road from Sydney. 
The Coroner gave his verdict that death was purely accidental. At the same time he, expressed his opinion that the spot on the road is a very dangerous corner and said It ought to be brought under the notice of the Shire Council. There was no evidence that the driver was under the Influence of liquor, and Mr. Higham's evidence quite accounted for the smell of liquor on Carfoot.

Perhaps Ivy and Reginald were separated or maybe the accident caused difficulties in their marriage but I don't find them together in any further electoral rolls after this accident.
I am not certain of this so open to confirmation or contradiction.

From 1931 to 1936 Ivy is listed at Kooyong, Auburn (a suburb of Melbourne) at Denmark Hill Road.  
No other Carfoots are at that address.
In 1954, at Ann Street, Williamstown Ivy is listed at the same address as Richard Reginald CARFOOT, a tiler.  I assume this is her son.  Richard later married Nancy Lorraine (surname not known)
Ivy's sister Ethel also lived in Williamstown with her husband William HANCOCK.

A9301 156226 CARFOOT RICHARD REGINALD : Service Number - 156226 : Date of birth - 24 May 1926 : Place of birth - SYDNEY NSW : Place of enlistment - MELBOURNE : Next of Kin - CARFOOT IVY
Access status: Not yet examined Location: Canberra
1939 - 1948
He died in 2005 and would have been 78 years old.

I couldn't find anything further on Reginald Carfoot apart from a traveller by the name of Reginald Cameron Carfoot who was living at Musgrave Road, Red Hill, Paddington, Brisbane and a death for the same name in Western Australia, year not stated, aged 65.

Ivy CARFOOT nee FLEMING died in December 1958.
She is buried at Williamstown cemetery.

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