Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Henry Elkanah TAYLOR and his wife Mary Ann nee DURHAM - Trove Tuesday

My husband's great-great-grandparents came to Australia from Lancashire, England and settled at Ballarat, Victoria.

Henry Elkanah TAYLOR had married Mary Ann DURHAM in England on the 21st of June 1846.

They had six children.  So far I only have further details on two sons, my husband's great-grandfather, John and his brother William.

John and William both named sons Henry Elkanah TAYLOR.

Mary died at Clark's Hill, Victoria on the 4th of October 1903

Henry died on the 11th of April 1910 at Peel Street, Ballarat.


  1. It must have been very confusing chasing two with the exact same name. Bad enough in my lot when there are numerous children and grandchildren with the same first names.

    1. Yes very confusing especially in the electoral rolls. Their grandfather also had the same name.