Thursday, 2 April 2015

52 Ancestors Week 13 - My different Morgan ancestors.

My maternal grandmother's maiden name was MORGAN 

Daisy Marion MORGAN (1908-1998)
She married Archibald William Finlay FLEMING in 1932 at Moyhu, Victoria.
Daisy's parents were William Thomas MORGAN and Ada May HULME.
William (Bill) was the son of Thomas Fitzherbert MORGAN and Mary Ann PIKE.
He was born at Euroa, Victoria in 1872.
His grandparents, John MORGAN and Sarah BLOUNT came to Australia from Wales in 1842.
My paternal great grandmother's maiden name was also MORGAN.

Mary Agnes MORGAN (1864-1933) married John ADAMS 1887 Essendon, Victoria.
She was the daughter of John MORGAN and Margaret Alice KELLY.
John MORGAN came to Australia from Armagh, Northern Ireland in 1855.
He married Margaret Alice Kelly, known as Alice, at St. Francis Church, Melbourne in 1858.
Alice came to Australia from Dualla, Tipperary, Ireland, date unknown.
  52 Ancestors Challenge 
                                         by Amy Johnson Crow at "No Story Too Small"


  1. Hi Kerryn I woke up this morning to read Jill's GAGs and be directed to your lovely post. Isn't Daisy so sweet? I love everything about her wedding attired - the veil, the shoes, the look. Mary's photo is beautiful too. Lucky you to have such photos.

    1. Thanks Alex, I love these photos too and I'm extremely grateful to have them. Nana Daisy was a very sweet and gentle person.