Sunday, 22 August 2021

Genealife In Lockdown - sharing once again

 Oh my, it has been a roller coaster of a week this week.

Regional Victoria is back in Lockdown once again due to covid cases in my home town of Shepparton.

Finally finishing off sanding the plaster joins then undercoating the kitchen ceiling and keeping up with all the exposure sites of the Shepparton covid outbreak has been time-consuming and rather nerve-wracking.

Once again I am so lucky that my lovely third cousin June has shared some old family photos with me.

I was also able to share some with her and we were able to fill in blanks of names in photos for each other.

Our common ancestors are Agnes Mason and Peter Hart.

June's great-grandmother, Amelia Agnes "Millie" Hart and my great-grandmother, Margaret Hart were sisters.

Millie married Edmond Wills Kiely in 1901.

The first photo June sent me last week was the following.

The photocopy of a photo that I had was the following.
Unfortunately, due to computer crashes etc over the years, I have lost my source information for this photo.

Maryanne Hart (1872 to 1963) married George Rathbone in 1898
Margaret Hart (my great-grandmother 1869 to 1960) married Donald Fleming in 1889
Hannah Hart (1870 to 1956) married 1. John Prest 1889 2. Angus McDonald 1905.
Amelia Agnes "Millie" Hart (1879 to 1971) married Edmund Wills Kiely in 1901

Amelia "Millie" Kiely nee Hart

Below is Agnes Hart nee Mason and Peter Hart. 
A copy was given to me years ago by another family member.
Peter died in 1900.

Agnes later married Hosea Matthews in 1904.

Agnes and Hosea, from June.
Again, Agnes and Hosea from June

Hanscom Hart and his wife Mary Ann nee Sadd
photo from June.

This photocopy was given to me years ago by another family member

The name Hanscom has been passed down many generations.
I wrote about the Hanscom name in our tree

H is for .......

And finally this wonderful photo from June

Front Left is Hanscom Hart and his wife Mary, their daughter Marcella, Agnes Matthews, the young boy is perhaps one of the Prest boys (son of Hannah), Hosea.
Back Left could be Amelia, Margaret and Rose. (These are a guess). 

Alex at Family Tree Frog has set a new challenge for Family history bloggers in Australia to post about Genealife in Lockdown for the family history month of August.

This is my fourth post.


  1. What a great collection of photos. Take care down there in Shepparton.

  2. It certainly has been a roller coaster of a week. The Shepp outbreak really worries me as my Mum is still there. These are beautiful photos

  3. Wonderful photos, truly treasures to have.

  4. What fantastic photos to cheer you up during such a stressful time. Thank goodness for cousins. I feel like I haven't heard of Huntingdonshire before but I must have. Googling now.

  5. How wonderful to have family photos shared with you. Stay safe through the anxiety of lockdown and hotspot.