Sunday, 1 August 2021

Genealife in Lockdown - National Family History Month Blogging Challenge

Alex at Family Tree Frog has set a new challenge for Family history bloggers in Australia to post about Genealife in Lockdown for the family history month of August.

I have to admit to lately struggling with "blogger's block" but is that due to Covid Lockdown stress? 
I really don't know as I feel it may have been ongoing for some time. 

I find I am unable to concentrate on any one subject for long and run off at a tangent at the slightest trigger.

Here in Victoria, we have just come out of, what was I think our 5th lockdown.  

On a positive note, I am counting the blessings -

Thankfully our state government have been quick to act, perhaps not to everyone's liking but it seems to be having the desired effect.  

Compared to other countries I feel we have been very lucky in Australia. (touch wood)

I consider myself lucky in being able to visit my children and grandchildren perhaps more than many. 

During lockdowns, my genealife has been mainly concentrated on DNA results and working through matches which is a challenge in itself.
Also asking questions in user groups about solving my family tree program issues.

I am fortunate in that my Dad, brother and many close cousins have tested.

I'm so very grateful for the many cousins and like-minded friends around the world that I have found through my obsession hobby.  

Many of them have saved my sanity by way of cousin Zoom meetings, private messages of support and generally keeping in touch.  I hope I have helped them in some small way too.



  1. Hello the lovely Kerryn! Ooh yes. Some interesting thoughts here. I too seem to be having difficulty concentrating for any length of time on a particular task. I think we are all in the same boat. It must be some kind of response to not really knowing what's around the corner. At any moment, everything could change and we're in a snap lockdown. I write myself long to do lists every day and cross off about three of them. The one thing I make myself do every day is go for a walk. If nothing else it has warmed me up on particularly cold days - which of course is ridiculous to say in sunny Queensland. The dog wouldn't let me stay in anyway. She is a very good nagger. Looking forward to reading more of your family history pursuits.

  2. I've mostly been following up DNA matches too as my brother's test results came in recently. I'm only blogging nowadays when I have something I'm really keen to share. My posts might only be every few months but I'm happy with that.

  3. Great to hear from you Kerryn. Must agree that our genealogy community is such a friendly and generous group - being able to communicate with genimates is a great help in times like this. Best wishes as you face lockdown number 6!