Sunday, 24 October 2021

Subscribers to my blog

 I haven't been very active blogging lately so this is a quick test post to see if those who subscribed will still receive email notifications of my new blog posts since the Blogger platform took away the Feedburner option.

You will see in the side panel to the right a "GET NEW POSTS BY EMAIL" box where you can subscribe if you wish.

I really do hope to get myself out of this brain fog and start doing some further constructive research, new posts and the part I love most, to make contact with more family members.


  1. Received by email just fine.

  2. Received a notification at 1:30pm on the 25th. Bit of a delay there!

    1. Thanks Jenny, there seems to be one more step in follow it to "claim my feed" that doesn't want to work.
      I've sent a help query but no reply as yet.