Sunday, 8 August 2021

Genealife In Lockdown Luck


Alex at Family Tree Frog has set a new challenge for Family history bloggers in Australia to post about Genealife in Lockdown for the family history month of August.

In my first "Genealife in Lockdown" post, last week, I wrote about how thankful I was for my many wonderful cousins and friends.  

We were then just coming out of Lockdown number five here in Victoria.

Now we are currently in Lockdown number six due to the super spreading Covid-19 Delta variant.

Today my lovely Fleming family second cousin Carol, who was decluttering her house during lockdown here in Victoria, found a memento of her grandfather Albert Henry Percival FLEMING amongst things her grandmother had given her.

Carol was very kind and shared it with our Fleming Family Facebook page.

Albert, known as Alf. was my Mum's paternal Uncle. 

I have written previously a little about his brave WW1 war service history HERE.

The memento that Carol found today is a Vote 1 card for Alf in the 1938 Preston Municipal Elections.

It was a rather special find for Carol as her grandfather passed away when she was only two years old so sadly she never got to know him personally.

Carol didn't know what year this election would have been so I turned to Trusty Trove and found the following:

APA citation
MUNICIPAL ELECTIONS THIS WEEK (1938, August 23). The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1957), p. 4. Retrieved August 8, 2021, from

Thanks so much for sharing, Carol.


  1. I bet cousin Carol is impressed that you were able to add to the story. That's genearosity.

  2. a wonderful memento to have and a generous share in both directions.

  3. Dear Kerryn - thanks for joining in the blogging challenge. It's so much more fun when we all join in together. How great to have that photo and a story to go with it. You've reminded me that I really must set up some Facebook pages for our Family Tree Surnames so cousins can contribute too.