Sunday, 15 August 2021

Genealife In Lockdown - Thankful once again

 We're lucky here in Regional Victoria to have come out of  Victoria's 6th Lockdown last week.

This came about earlier than Melbourne due to there being no active cases of Covid found in Regional Victoria.

Goodness only knows how long our little bit of freedom will last this time.

Unfortunately, too many people are defying health advice and keep doing the wrong thing.

 The "Powers that be" are not yet saying when Melbourne's restrictions will ease.  

I suppose that will depend on the daily number of cases and contact tracing results.

Sadly I can't visit my daughter and grandchildren down there until then. 

I haven't seen them now for two months so missing them terribly.

In my first two posts for this 2021 National Family History Month of August, I mentioned being thankful for wonderful sharing cousins.  They are keeping me motivated!

This week that theme once again came into play.

Today I received a photo of a certificate earned by my Dad's first cousin Len Adams 

Photo courtesy of Len's nephew Warren Delbridge

It appears Len attended the Flemington Primary School which was a part of the Essendon district schools cluster.

I found the following article in Trove but the Football wasn't mentioned.
1930 fits with Len's age and the Headteacher of Flemington Primary School being G.J. Neuss.

SCHOOL SPORTS. (1930, December 5). The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1957), p. 12. Retrieved August 15, 2021, from

George James Neuss was Headteacher from 1930 until 1939.
    source - FPS School History - Flemington Primary School (online PDF document)

Alex at Family Tree Frog has set a new challenge for Family history bloggers in Australia to post about Genealife in Lockdown for the family history month of August.

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  1. Thank goodness for generous cousins indeed. I love these kinds of records in family history. It just makes the individual much more interesting.