Monday, 27 October 2014

Treasure found

Yesterday my stepdad brought out my late mum's tin trunk that had belonged to her mother and goodness knows who else before her.

In it I  found a book which must have been a treasured item.

The book titled "Little Miss Vanity" was written by Mrs Henry Clarke and published by Blackie & Son Limited of Glasgow, London and Bombay

There are thirteen illustrations by W. S. Stacey

This book is undated and I found there were quite a few later publications but its seems this one was published around 1900.

It was awarded to my grandmother, Daisy Morgan, in 1918.

Diocesan book society rear St. Paul's Cathedral, Melbourne

Pressed between the pages of the book was this pansy.
Goodness knows how long that has been there.


  1. Replies
    1. You should have seen the look on my face Jill

    2. That is indeed a great treasure... I have some certificates from Sunday school awarded to my mother in law in the 1920's, plus her swimming certificates and medals...and lots of other bits and pieces that are so precious to me.. So great to have these links to past generations.

    3. Chris your'e right they are precious

  2. Oh WOW! How wonderful! I remember pressing flowers in between the pages of books so your post also brought back memories for me. I am wondering what other "treasures" that you found in the trunk? Sounds like Christmas to me!!!

  3. I remembering pressing flowers too. Had completely forgotten about this.