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Adult children of Finlay Fleming and Jessie nee Splatt

Adult children of Finlay Fleming and his wife Jessie nee Splatt

William Finlay born 1893 Barwo (Kotupna/Nathalia) Victoria died 1974 Wangaratta, Victoria.

Elizabeth Ethel Linda born 1900 Nathalia, Vic died 1976 Clayton, Vic married first Dudley Norman Porter in 1920. They had six children.  Dudley died in 1945 and Elizabeth remarried Albert Ernest Cameron.

Jane/Jean Margaret born 1895 Barwo died 1981 Armadale, Victoria married Nelson Burns in 1917.  They had four children.

Vera Finlay born 1901 Moyhu, Victoria died 1992 Wangaratta, Victoria married Leonard Forge in 1921.  They had five children.

Mary Ann Sarah "Maisie" born 1904 Moyhu, Victoria died 1996 in New South Wales married Walter T Edwards at Mosman in 1930.  He died in 1960 and she remarried Jim O'Grady in 1966.

David Claude born 1897 Barwo, Victoria died 1978 Sorrento, Queensland married Agnes Frew Johnston.  They had two daughters.

Ethel Maude born 1899 Barwo, Victoria died 1976 Mildura, Victoria married John Lewis Burrell in 1918.  They had ten children.

Jessie Madeline "Madge" born 1903 Moyhu, Victoria died 1978 Parkville, Victoria married James Frederick Murphy at Wangaratta in 1929.  They had two daughters.

One daughter deceased so missing from the photo is Christina Florence Fleming born 1898 Barwo died 1953 at Mildura.  She married Garret Lyons in 1917 and they had two sons.

Their father, Finlay Fleming was the son of William Finlay Fleming and Ann Jane nee Knight.  He was born in 1864 at Spring Hill, Victoria and died in 1910 at Wangaratta.
He married Jessie Splatt at Echuca, Victoria in 1893.  Jessie was the daughter of William Edgar Splatt and Jane Margaret Simpson.  She was born in 1867 at Rokewood and died in 1942 at Whitfield, Victoria

The Fleming's had settled at Kotupna, near Nathalia in Northern Victoria, in the 1870s and in 1901 they moved to the King Valley in North East Victoria where the boys followed farming pursuits.

Finlay/Finley and Jessie are buried at the Whitfield, also known as the Hyem cemetery in North East Victoria, with their young grandson Phillip Burns who died in 1927

Wangaratta Despatch, August 6th, 1910 - Death of King Valley Farmer
The death of Mr. Finlay Fleming, a well known and much respected farmer of the King Valley, caused surprise and regret in the district on Wednesday.  The deceased was in his usual health last week, excepting for a cold to which he did not give much attention.  On Saturday, however, he became ill, and was brought to the Wangaratta hospital, where it was found he was suffering from pneumonia, he gradually got worse, and died about midnight on Tuesday.  The late Mr. Fleming, who was the fifth son of Mr. W.F. Fleming, of Edi (who celebrated his hundredth birthday in January last) was born at Creswick, but spent most of his life at Kotupna, where Mr. Fleming senior, settled after he gave up mining.  About eight years ago the parents and several of the sons moved to this district,  where they secured farms, and Mr. Finlay Fleming's residence on the King River dated back to that time,  he was a very industrious man, a good farmer, and possessed of excellent personal qualities that made him very popular.  His death at the early age of 46 years has been heard of with great regret for the deceased had many friends,  who regarded him as an acquisition to the Edi district.  His unexpected death comes with crushing effect, too upon his wife, who is left with a family of nine children, the eldest of whom is 16 years of age, and the youngest 5, the great sympathy has been expressed for her and the other relatives on this untimely bereavement,  Messrs. James, Donald, and Henry Fleming of Edi are deceased's brothers, another being resident in New South Wales, while Mrs. Lawrence (Whitfield), Mrs. Thomas (Albury), Mrs. Tuckett and Mrs. Worrall (Melbourne) are sisters.  The remains of deceased were interred in the Whitfield cemetery, the coffin being taken by train to Hyem stopping place on Wednesday afternoon.


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