Friday, 31 August 2012

Q is for ........... Query

Queen, Quinn or other?

 This is my contribution to Alona from Gould Genealogy's                     

According to her marriage certificate my husband's great grandmother was Eliza Queen.

Below is a snip of the first section of marriage certificate.  To me it looks like Tween and it is so transcribed for one birth of one child in the Victorian BMD indexes.  The others are transcribed Queen.

Does it look like Queen?

Eliza was born in County Down, Ireland about 1832
She said her father was James Queen - a surveyor and her mother was Sarah Blakeley

There was a surveyor named James Quinn in Belfast.

 My family history through the alphabet list

Not sure where to go from here.


  1. Don't you just love the multiple surnames game?

  2. Queen, Quinn, arrggh the queries continue ...! With time, and more research you'll sort it all out.