Monday, 27 August 2012

Bald Hill - Moyhu or Myrrhee?

These photos are in my grandmother's album and I would think had been taken around the late 1920s.

Some people nana remembered names for, others may have been surveyors.

The gentleman sitting at far left is my great grandfather William Thomas Morgan. (1872-1950)
There is also my grandmother, Daisy Morgan and her sister Clarice.
A Gladys Morgan, my nan's cousin.
Gladys is the daughter of Edward Morgan and Maria nee Patterson.

Other names are Wally Savage, Les Forge, Ollie Patterson, Norm Napier and Bob Forge.

I think the photo below may have been taken on the same day.  Nana has written on the back
"We us and company taken on top of Bald Hill".
some extra names on this photo are Bill Patterson, Mavis Morgan and surveyors.
I wonder what they were surveying.
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  1. I wonder how long it took to set up those photos?

  2. Deanne Carlton4 March 2015 at 17:01

    I own property on Bald Hill Track Myrrhee

    1. Thanks for that informationDeanne, I didn't know it existed. I searched for it on Google Maps but it didn't show up. I found it finally on My great grandparents property was called "Willow Bank" at Myrrhee or Boggy Creek, but I haven't yet located where it was. It must have been somewhere near Bald HIll.

  3. Kerryn
    I just happened across your photo. I know exactly where that photo was taken, I grew up on that farm and was there last weekend, my parents still own it. The photo is taken in Myrrhee, from Pattersons Lane, just off Myrrhee-Whitlands Road. It looks almost the same now, just the dead trees are gone. Yes it is called 'Bald Hill', it is a hill between Myrrhee and Whitfield and appears dominant when viewed from the Myrrhee side.
    It is great to find your photo as we do not have many early photos of our farm. If you have more I would like to see them.
    You can copy these coordinates into google maps and it will take you there.
    Photo taken at approx: -36.724356, 146.353997
    Bald Hill is at -36.730896, 146.369673
    Willowbank is between Myrrhee and Moyhu,

    Mike O'Loughlin