Saturday, 25 February 2017

Sepia Saturday 356 - Waterfront photos

The photo prompt for this weeks Sepia Saturday brought to mind a couple of photos taken by my paternal grandmother, Brenda FORSYTH, who was an avid photographer. All her photos were developed for slide format.
My Dad gave me her hundreds of slides.
Nana's hobby was gardening so most of them were of plants and gardens taken on bus trips with the local gardening club.
I found a few which were of people and recognisable landmarks.

Our favourite local pool was Shepparton's Raymond West swimming pool which sadly no longer exists. 
The photo below was taken on a quiet day at the pool.
It was usually crowded.

Shepparton's Raymond West swimming pool possibly late 1960s - early 1970s
Many other nostalgic photos of our pool have been shared on the Lost Shepparton Facebook page 

Another popular Summertime location was, and still is, the lake foreshore at Yarrawonga.

 That reminds me of the song by our iconic Australian country music singer, Slim Dusty, "I'm going back again to Yarrawonga"

The song was actually written during World War One for Ella Shields
Further information can be seen at The National Library of Australia Website

I'll linger longer at Yarrawonga

"I'll Linger Longer at Yarrawonga"

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  1. Both places look like great fun. Too bad that huge swimming pool at Shepparton no longer exists. I'd love swimming there, I think! The songs were fun too. Yarrawonga appears to have been a favorite place for young people.

  2. The Yarrawonga foreshore certainly looks like the place to be on a hot summer's day. Lovely to hear the original version of that old classic too - I think I've only been to Yarrawonga once, for a brief visit - must go back!

    1. Jo you wouldn't recognise Yarrawonga now, it has grown incredibly in the last 10 years.

  3. Well I was about to say that Slim Dusty's version was better but I gave Ella a bit more time and then started smiling...very engaging. What a shame that swimming pool no longer looks great!

    1. The pool photos are a real favourite on the Lost Shepparton page. I think everyone who remembers it laments the loss.

  4. Love the name Yarrawonga - it just rolls if the tongue. No wonder it was a favourite place to relax and have fun.

  5. Your pictures remind me of the lidos which were popular in UK in te 1960s. It always seemed hot in those distant summers. Sadly they mostly all closed now.