Saturday, 3 January 2015

Marungi Primary School

I recently joined the Shepparton Family History Group

It was something I have been going to do for a long while but could never find the spare time.

At the meeting I met Jan and Garry who run the Katandra and District History Group

My paternal grandparents moved to the Goulburn Valley around the early 1940s and continued to move around to different districts in the area nearly every 12 months as my grandfather bought run down farms to fix up and sell.

Around 1951 they were living at Marungi.

Dad thinks he only attended the school there for about a year when he was 12 or 13 years old.  He remembers the names of many fellow pupils and also the teacher then, Mr. Smith.

Marungi S S  photo taken 1933

Unfortunately the records for the school were apparently destroyed by the last teacher so, from the memories of past pupils and teachers, Jan and Garry have been compiling a list of attendees.  They think there could be another 100 or so past students

The photos above and the information below are courtesy of Jan and Garry Wallden of the
Marungi State School page 

School History (taken from "Vision and Realisation")

       Opened 6th of April 1880, S S 2236 was established in a one-room weatherboard building sited on the Yarrawonga Rd, 12 miles S/E of Numurkah township to serve the families of selectors in the area. Initial enrolment was 60 pupils under John West with his wife acting as S M (sewing mistress), the West family residing in a log cabin nearby. Closer settlement, irrigation and motor transport combined to close the school in 1957, the pupils being transported to Katandra West . See also Katandra West No 4401.

Further information and some photos can be found there as well.

Jan and Garry are hoping to add to the data  they have and would love to hear from any other person who attended the school or who may have further information or even photos.

Please contact them through the link on the Katandra and District History Group page.

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  1. I totally relate to your comment about not finding spare time. I would like to join the local family history group but just don't think that I can really dedicate time to them while working full time/