Friday, 1 June 2012

C is for .... Crafty

This is my contribution to the Gould Genealogy "Family History Through The Alphabet" challenge.

My maternal Nan, Daisy Fleming, nee Morgan, was always making lovely things out of very little.

The old black and white photo below shows Nana in her handmade patchwork "fancy dress" 

This is a photo of the same dress today.

And some closer detail

Nana also used to make "hankie boxes" from old cards.  She would cut the cards to shape and sandwich them between 2 sheets of hard plastic.  Holes punched around the edges were used to stitch the pieces together.

The box is these photos is showing its age but its a wonderful keepsake.

 My family history through the alphabet list


  1. Such beautiful workmanship. I love the dress and am glad you've got a lovely keepsake.

  2. I could relate so much to your posting, as my mother too was a very talented lady, always making something - othen out of little.

  3. How wonderful to have both a photo and the actual dress. From memory, the stitch she used on the patchwork's is "herring bone stitch"... I think. Am wondering if Nan also made the coathanger cover? ... I have one of those "hankie boxes" and am racking my brain to remember who made it... I know it wasn't "a rellie". Great post Kerryn, thanks.