Friday, 8 June 2012

E is for .... Education

Some of my ancestors who migrated to Australia in the mid 1800s could write, some couldn't.
Thankfully in later years Education was attainable for more and more families.
I have a couple of old school photos.
The first is of my maternal grandfather's school.  He is in the top row far right and would have turned eleven years old earlier that same month.

King Valley S.S - taken 30-9-1920

Top left -Archie Mahlook, Percy Mahlook, Bob Newton, Alex Laffy, Kevin Rea, Pat Laffy, Archie Fleming (my grandfather), 
Mr. Young (teacher).

2nd row - Eileen Mahlook, Rita Morgan, Emma McWay, Alice Laffy, Margaret Lindsay, Daisy Jones, Kathy Foster, Mary Morgan, Bessie Lindsay, Myrtle Fleming(gramps' sister).  

3rd row - Donald Mc Wray, Pete Mahlook, Joe Rea, Bill Rea, Mick Mahlook, Pat Mahlook, Victor Chang (I wonder if this is the famous Doctor?), Bessie Porter, Front row - Harold Fleming (gramps' brother), Dave Jones, Ted O'Connor and Ernie Jones.

This school photo would have been taken about 1946 or 1947 at Myrtleford in Victoria where my mum attended school.  Mum is in the back row far right and her sister is back row far left.  There was twelve months difference in their ages.
Their little sister was 7 years younger and was recently telling me that she when she was made to first attend school she sat under the table bawling her head off until a family member came to collect her because she had no need of school as she had 2 big sisters to teach her!

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  1. It's a treasure that have such beautiful old photos.

  2. That's so funny about the younger sister. I believe my Dad had a similar experience with two older brothers.

  3. I love looking at the fashion in the old school photos. I have a school photo from 1906 and the teacher's name is "Fanny Box". I'm not kidding! Imagine the reaction of the kids these days if that was their teachers name.

    1. Oh my Sharon the mind boggles at what the reaction today would be! hilarious

  4. Oh Wow!!! I love school photos and just look at the similarity between your gramps and his siblings. Stunning... and he looks such a "cool dude" and very comfortable in his own skin. Was he? ... Did he like school, I wonder? I can also see a similarity between the two generations and your mum and sister sure look alike. Thanks for sharing Kerryn - love it. Cheers, Catherine.

    1. Thanks for your nice comments Catherine. I never asked Gramp if he liked school but I always thought he was a cool dude. He was a real character and was always telling "tall stories". I will always remember his smiling eyes.

    2. Ahh... good to have such lovely memories of your Gramps.