Saturday, 2 June 2012

D is for ..... Dance Skeletons

I was just writing a comment on Fi's Dance Skeletons blog saying that I was lost for inspiration on what to write for the letter D in the "Family History Through the Alphabet" challenge.

Then it hit me .... 
Dance Skeletons blog

It would have to be my favourite.  
I just love Fi's sense of humour and the way she uses it in her writing.

As I am often in both Ancestry and Facebook I especially enjoyed her first blog post Ancestry: Facebook for Dead People

I can say that I haven't been disappointed for a chuckle in any of her following posts either.
Love your work Fi.

 My family history through the alphabet list


  1. Great choice, Fi makes me laugh!

  2. Oh wow! This just came through on Google reader. Thanks so much Kerryn and Shelley. Such lovely comments and a delightful note for a wet, cold Saturday night :)