Monday, 21 May 2012

B is for ......... Boggy Bill

Even after years of researching my family history I can still be Blown away by Bits of information that I didn't know.

Saturday just gone we had a small get together reunion for our Morgan cousins at Carmel (nee Morgan) and Len's lovely home at Strathfieldsaye, near Bendigo in Victoria.

I took along the treasured photo album of my nana, Daisy Fleming (nee Morgan).

My third cousin, Shelley (nee Morgan) was looking through it and spotted a photo of my nana's father, William Thomas Morgan.

"Oh there's Boggy Bill", Shelley commented.

I was gobsmacked to say the least.  

I'd not heard him called that before.  

Shelley said her Grandad had always called his Uncle Bill
 "Boggy Bill" because he lived at Boggy Creek.

My great granddad, William Thomas Morgan, known as Boggy Bill, was born at Euroa, Victoria in 1872.
He was the fourth son of Thomas Fitzherbert Morgan and Mary Ann nee Pike.
He married Ada May Hulme in 1905 and they had five children.
Four girls and one boy.  
Bill died at Wangaratta in 1950.
Boggy Creek is near Myrrhee in Victoria.

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  1. Isn't it great when we pick up extra bits of information like nicknames etc so long sftar a person has departed this life.

    Boggy Bill is a beaut name.

  2. What a great story and a lovely picture to match.

  3. It adds an extra dimension to the person when you find out their nick name. Boggy Creek is a great area for a visit. Lot's of wineries nearby. If you would like some photos taken I am happy to assist as I live in the area.

    The area is know for bushranger's hideouts with the infamous Mad Dog Morgan also buried (well his headless body anyway) in Wangaratta cemetery. Maybe you are related to him too?

    I shouldn't say that, as although it would be interesting to have a bushranger in the family tree, Bill looks like a hard working (hands), gentle but strong man with a sense of humour.

  4. Thanks Kerryn, A great story and I love the photo of "Boggy Bill". A fine looking man. Reminds me of the surprise when my mum's cousin (in her late 80's) mentioned my Grandpa's strong "Cockney Accent". He lived with us and I never heard an accent:-)