Monday 14 May 2012

Matrilineal Monday - Mother's Day Honours

Yesterday was Mother's Day here in Australia so I thought I'd write this post to honour my mum and her maternal ancestors as far back as I could.

I miss you mum.

The earliest known ancestor in my maternal line was Mary - (not Joseph's Mary) - maiden name unknown.
My 5th great grandmother, Mary, married Frederick Schultz and they had a daughter, my 4th great grandmother, Anna Dorothea Schultz in Brandenburg, Prussia (Germany) on the 18th of March 1796.

Anna Dorothea Schultz married Georg Nebel in Prussia and they migrated to Australia with other family members in 1855.  Georg died on the 2nd of September, 1877 and his wife Anna Dorothea died on the 29th of October, 1877 at Westgarthtown (now Thomastown) Victoria.
They are buried in the Lutheran Cemetery there along with many other German immigrants who settled in that area.

They had 3 known children, the youngest being Anna Dorothea Nebel born about 1826 at Hohensaaten, Brandenburg.
Anna Dorothea Nebel married Johann Heinrich (John Henry) Bartsch in 1850, Bukau (or Buckow)  Prussia (Germany).  After his death in Australia in 1866, she married her second husband, Johann Christian Voigt.
Anna Dorothea and her second husband Johann Christian Voigt.
With John Henry Bartsch she had 6 children, the third being my great-great grandmother, Anna Dorothea Bartsch who was born on the Danish ship "Acmel" on which many members of the Shultz, Nebel and Bartsch families emigrated to Australia in 1855.
Anna Dorothea Bartsch
Anna Dorothea Bartsch married Joseph Hulme on the 16th of March 1875 at Beechworth, Victoria.  Joseph was a farmer.  They settled at Horseshoe Creek, Moyhu and had 10 children.
The fifth child (fourth daughter), Ada May Hulme, was my great grandmother.

Ada was born on the 10th of May 1884 at Oxley, Victoria and married William Thomas Morgan in 1905.
She died at Wangaratta on the 22nd of April 1965 aged 80 years.
Ada and William Morgan had 5 children.  Four girls and one boy.  Their second daughter was Daisy Marion Morgan born on the 10th of August 1908 at Moyhu in Victoria.  Daisy was my much loved nanna.

 Daisy grew up in Moyhu, Victoria.  She married my grandfather, Archie fleming, on the 8th of October 1932 at her parents home "Willow Bank" at Moyhu.
My dearly loved mum, Amelia Joan Fleming, was born at Wangaratta on the 9th of September 1937.
She has only recently passed away (23rd of April 2012) and I miss her terribly.
I knew it would be hard to lose my mum but I didn't realise just  how heart-wrenching.
Me and my Mum xx


  1. What a lovely group of women! Enjoyed your post -how wonderful to have all of family photos. So sorry to hear about the recent death of your mother. I know this Mother's Day is a sad one for you. My Grandmother is at the point of death today, so it's a bittersweet day for me as well.

    1. It's so hard to say goodbye to our loved ones. Thanks for your kind words. You and your grandmother will be in my thoughts. We are very lucky to have wonderful memories.

  2. A great collection of photographs Kerryn, and a beautiful tribute to your Mum and all the mothers on your matrilineal line.

    1. Thank you Aillin, I consider myself extremely lucky to have lots of wonderful photos. My Mum and Nana were beautiful people as I'm sure their mothers and grandmothers were.

  3. Kerryn, thank you for sharing this wonderful tribute to your wonderful ancestors... that wouldn't have been easy, when you are missing your Mum so much. I am sorry for your sadness. Delight in all the wonderful memories you've created together and draw on their strength. I had to say Goodbye to my Mum almost 30 years ago and I still mourn the loss of my best friend, but I also draw inspiration from her, and those gone before her. How blessed are we who have not only had close families, but also have the opportunity of getting to know our ancestors as we do today. Your photos are great treasures and a wonderful way to link the generations.

    1. Your kind words are much appreciated. Mum's are special. Mum loved to hear about my family history finds. I have found writing to be quite therapeutic.

  4. Such a beautiful memorium to your mum Kerryn and how wonderful to honour all those mum's before her. No matter how hard we try it's impossible to truly prepare ourselves for the loss of our mums, I believe. Thinking of you, sending much healing energy and thankyou for sharing these precious photos. They're a delight.