Monday, 30 April 2012

Mystery Monday - Are these the same man?

Are these three photos of the same man? - what do you think?

the above three photos are from the photos below.  Mr. Thomas Kelly (my 2nd great grand uncle) was born in Tipperary Ireland in 1843.  He died in New Zealand in 1912.  His wife, Juliana was born 1851 and died in New Zealand in 1925.  They adopted a child but it is not known when the adoption took place.  The child they adopted was born in 1885.

said to be Mr and Mrs Thomas Kelly

said to be Mr Thomas Kelly
said to be Mr Thomas Kelly

said to be the same Mrs Kelly


  1. Hmmm, good question. I think the man sitting differs enough to make me believe he isn't Mr Kelly. Could the pics be run through picasa face recognition? Never done it myself but just a thought.

    1. Fi that seems to be the general consensus amongst my researcher friends too. I haven't heard of Picasa face recognition so will check it out. Thanks.

  2. I don't think there is much doubt about the two Mrs Kellys! Especially those pursed lips. The photo of Mr Kelly above the bottom Mrs Kelly has the same chair as Mrs Kelly. Merron

  3. Kerryn, I would think the standing man in the first two photographs is the same man. I agree with Fi that that man sitting looks different. I also agree with Merron that the man sitting appears to be in the same photography studio as Mrs Kelly, maybe he is another Kelly relative who lived in the same area?

  4. What great photos you have. Real treasures.
    I do think they are the same man. All 3. The last one is a more mature man but the main difference is that his eyes are wide open and that changes the way he looks the most. I don't know why he was so wide eyed but I think they are all the same man.
    I looked at the hair line and at the beard line and they do appear to be the same. That eyebrow sticking up in the third photo may signal a difference but I can't see the others clearly enough to see. Mind you that could be due to a cut on the brow at some time in his life too.