Tuesday, 3 March 2015

My 52 Ancestors challenge list

Following is the  list of my posts for the "52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks" Challenge by Amy from "No Story Too Small"

Updated weekly.

Week 1 - A Fresh StartMy great great granddmother, Margaret Alice KELLY, known as Alice, was one of many other Irish people who made a fresh start in Australia.

Week 2 - Edward "King" HULMEMy maternal 3rd great grand uncle was known as Edward "King" HULME.  In about 1891 he wrote a very interesting small book  called “A sketch of Life - A Settler's 35 years experience in Victoria, Australia".

Week 3 - Tough Woman - I would call my great grandmother a tough woman after finding many years of newspaper articles telling of her court battles to get my great grandfather to pay child maintenance for their two youngest children.  One of those children was my grandmother. 

Week 4 - Closest to my birthday - My 3 x great grandmother, Isabella BEATON, is the ancestor whose birthday (day and month) is closest to mine.

Week 5 - Ploughing through - Being an Aussie, my spelling is PLOUGH despite spell check. It is not a plough in the photo, but I'm sure these beautiful animals have pulled plenty of them.

Week 6 - So far away - Mary KELLY nee MOLOUGHNEY - My great great great grandmother, Mary KELLY nee MOLOUGNEY is one I consider so far away both in distance and research results.  So I was incredibly excited to receive this photo of her last week.

Week 7 - Forbidden Love - It is not known how or exactly where Jane and Bernard Riley met, but it seems they eloped which no doubt would have caused quite a stir in her family.

Week 8 - Good deeds Joan OSTER. - My subject for "Good Deeds" is my late Mum Joan OSTER, nee FLEMING. (1937 - 2012)

Week 9 - Close to Home - W. F. Fleming - The ancestor who lived closest to where I live now would by my great great grandparents William Findlay FLEMING and his wife Ann Jane, nee KNIGHT

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