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Marriage of Johann Friedrich Heinrich Bartsch and Anna Dorothea Nebel

Today I came across the marriage record of my 3rd Great-Grandparents Johann Friedrich Heinrich Bartsch (known in Australia as John Henry Bartsh) and Anna Dorothea Nebel.

With the help of Tyler, a very kind member of the Facebook "Prussian Genealogy" group who translated much of the document for me I was able to learn the names of another set of 4th Great-Grandparents.  Tyler wasn't able to decipher the occupations of Johann or his father Karl though.
In Australia, Johann Bartsch was a blacksmith.

Act number 8, April 1st, 1850. GROOM: Johann Friedrich Heinrich Bartsch, ??? in Langenweddingen. 27 years old, unmarried. Parents: Karl Wilhelm Bartsch, ??? in Steinbeck, and Dorothea Manté. BRIDE: Anna Dorothea Nebel. 24, unmarried. Parents: Johann Georg Nebel, bricklayer and renter in Grüschau, and Dorothea née Schulze.

Saxony, Prussia, Lutheran Baptisms, Marriages, and Burials, 1760-1890
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Johann Friedrich Heinrich Bartsch and his bride Anna Dorothea Nebel were married on the 1st of April 1850 at Krussau  (Grüschau).  

They migrated to Australia along with their two daughters Louise and Emma in 1854 on the ship "Acmel" leaving Hamburg, Germany on the 6th of September.  Sadly their eldest daughter Louise age 4, died on the voyage but my great-great-grandmother, Anna Dorothea Bartsh, was born on the ship.
The "Acmel" arrived at Hobson's Bay, Victoria in January 1855.

Also thanks to Shaun in the Prussian Genealogy Facebook group I learned about the German naming customs which cleared up quite a bit of confusion in my research.


Carolina from the Prussian Genealogy page added the following.  Number 5 is very interesting.

Additions and corrections to the above translation:

2. column:
Barsch, Johann Friedrich Heinrich, journeyman blacksmith [Schmiedegesell = Schmiedegeselle] ... Protestant confession [evangel. Konf. / evangelischer Konfession]

3. column:
Father: Karl Wilhelm Barsch, road overseer [Chauße-Wärter / Chausseewärter also called Wegemeister] ...
Mother: Dorothea Manté, deceased

5. column:
Heading: Whether parental permission was obtained, or not needed

Without fatherly consent, because the father is serving a sentence in an unknown prison.
[Ohne väterliche Einwilligung, da der Vater in einer nicht bekannten Strafanstalt eine Strafe abbüßt.]

7. column:
bride has Protestant confession

8. column:
Father: ... in Crüssau [Krüssau]

10. column:
paternal consent in writing [Väterliche Einwilligung, schriftlich]

12. column:
Day of marriage 1 April 

13. column
Heading: Pastor's name who performed the wedding

14. column:
Heading: Dates and places their intentions to marry were announced
Dom. [Dominicus] Judica et bin. sgg. [2. Sunday before Easter] and the two following Sundays in the Liebfrauen Kirche [Liebfrauen church] here and at Langenweddingen

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  1. Very interesting. How wonderful you had some people to help with transcribing and understanding.The naming of children using the same saints names is unusual. Well done