Monday 22 January 2018

52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks - Week 4 : Invite to Dinner

I have so many questions that I'd like to invite every one of my deceased ancestors to a huge dinner party but that's being a bit greedy isn't it.

So the relative I would choose to invite to dinner is my great-great-great-grandmother Mary KELLY nee MOLOUGHNEY.

Photo courtesy of Mary Stacey and the Lavin family, who are also great-great-great grandchildren of Mary and Cornelius Kelly.

Mary was born sometime in the early 1800s, somewhere in Ireland, possibly Tipperary.

I don't know when or where Mary died.

I'm extremely nosey so I would like to ask her: 

1.  When and where she was born, who her parents and siblings were and what her childhood was like.
2.  How she met her husband, Cornelius Kelly, what he was like, how he died and where he is buried.  
3.  About their life together in Tipperary.
4.  How they managed through the Great Famine?
5.  More about her 6 known children.
6.  About her relatives, friends and neighbours.
7.  How are the Moloughneys related who are mentioned in the baptisms of her children?
8.  Did her son Edmond Kelly remain in Tipperary whilst his siblings all emigrated or did he die young?
9.  How did she cope with all her children emigrating so far away?
10. Where did she die and where is she buried?

What I have found since beginning my research is that Mary MOLOUGHNEY married Cornelius KELLY at Dualla, Tipperary on the 6th of February 1834.

Cornelius was deceased by 1851, but I haven't found a death for Mary yet.

Tipperary encumbered estate records on the IGP website show Cornelius listed in November 1851 as the late Cornelius KELLY. 

Previously in Griffith's Valuations, he was leasing house land and offices from Matthew Pennefather who went into insolvency.

The MOLOUGHNEY surname (spelling variations include Mulloughn(e)y/ Molloughny etc) I am told it is pronounced MoloKney, is still evident in Tipperary and according to research by Bill Moloughney many Tipperary Moloughneys emigrated to America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Information from Irish records on their marriage and children's baptisms:

Cornelius Kelly and Mary Mullouhgney/Moloughney married on the 6th of February 1834 in the Parish of Boherlahan Dualla
Witnesses to the marriage were Rev. D. Corcoran and Daniel Mahony

Baptised 10 Dec 1834, Dualla, Sponsors were Laurence Mockler and Judith Walsh

Baptised 18 Sep 1836, Dualla, Sponsors were Patrick Mulloughney, Mary Mahony

Edmond Kelly
Baptised 16 Sep 1838, Dualla, Sponsors were Thomas Ryan, Julia Kelly.

Baptised 20 Jun 1840, Newpark, Sponsors were William Mahony, Mary Ryan

Baptised 1 Jan 1843, Dualla, Sponsors were Thomas Quinlan, Catherine Mulloughny

Baptised 6 Jan 1846, Dualla, Sponsors were Michael Kelly, Mary Ryan


  1. Plentytokeep you busy with that lot. Happy hunting.

    1. So many questions as usual Jill. At that time in Ireland I feel like I am hunting for that needle in the haystack.