Sunday, 7 January 2018

52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks - Week 2 : Favourite Photo

I have so many photos I could class as "favourite" that it was hard to choose. 

Writing my Week 1 post about my grandfather prompted me to remember the first time I ever saw a photo of him as a young man.

When I first visited his nieces and nephews in New Zealand, my Dad's first cousin Nola Bennett, nee Musson, showed me this photo and pointed out my grandfather.
He is standing centre back row.

 I got a little emotional.

After some conversations with family members, there were some differing opinions on who was in the photo.

One speculation is:-
The first couple back left look like George Barker and Jessie Musson.  If so this photo was most likely taken in 1931 as Jessie looks pregnant and their first daughter, Lynley was born in June 1931.
Back row
George Barker b 1897 so age here would be 34
Jessie Musson b 1899 so age here would be 32
James Richard Musson (certain) (my grandfather known in Australia as James Forsyth) b 1906 so age 25
Eric Mark Musson (certain) (Mac) b 1913 so age 18
? Possibly brother of James Christopher, William Musson b 1868 so age 63
Front row
Possibly Esther Helen Musson b 1911 so age 20*
Ivor Forsyth Musson (certain) b 1918 so age 13
Ian Alexander Musson (certain) b 1915 so age 16
James Christopher Musson b 1873 age 58 father of the Musson children. (certain)

*Also thought to be Margaret Ann Hay nee Forsyth, wife of James C Musson.  She died in 1929 aged 52, so if it is her this photo would have been taken before 1931.  This is quite possible as the Musson boys don't look quite old enough to fit the ages above.

We may never know.

Thanks Nola for being so helpful and sticking with me on this journey.


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    1. Thanks Chris, your encouragement means a lot.