Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Margaret O’Meara MORGAN

Margaret O’MEARA was the daughter of Patrick  O’MEARA and Jane (nee ROWAN). 

She was born at Sandridge, (now known as Port Melbourne), Victoria in 1870 and married my great grand uncle, John Felix MORGAN in 1898.

John’s parents, John MORGAN senior and Alice nee KELLY, had been owners/licensees of the Hotel since 1871 and as both his parents were deceased John was the licensee. 

They had no children and John tragically drowned in the water tank at the Cross Keys Hotel, Essendon North, in 1907. The Hotel license then reverted to his widow Margaret.

After her husband’s death, Margaret and her friend Mary Ellen (Molly) DALY together ran the hotel for a further 20 years. 

Once retired they lived together at 27 Bulla Road.
Margaret died at the age of 68 years on the 25th of January 1938.

I had found her death and funeral notices in Trove  along with the advertisement for the sale of her estate.

margaret omeara morgan death notice

Auction 27 Bulla Rd Margaret Morgan estate
Advertising (1938, February 26). The Age (Melbourne, Vic. : 1854 - 1954), p. 3. 
from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article206742563

According to her Will from the Public Records Office of Victoria,
Margaret named her property “Margsdale” and it was valued at 700 pounds.
Executors were her brother Michael James O’MEARA, her cousin Gerald Fitzgerald and her brother in law Thomas Stephen Burke. Thomas was the husband of Margaret’s sister Grace but he had predeceased her so was no longer an executor.
Beneficiaries were her niece, Mary Burke 100 pounds and a friend Thomas David KELLY of Duffy Street North Essendon received 50 pounds.
After the remainder of her estate was sold the proceeds were to go in 6 equal shares to her brothers Michael James O’MEARA and Christopher O’MEARA and her sisters Mary Josephine TIGHE and Grace BURKE.
The division of the remaining 2 shares was a bit confusing but essentially they were bequeathed to her cousin Gerald Fitzgerald “to use at such time as he may see fit for maintenance or otherwise for the benefit or advantage of my brother James O’MEARA and my friend Mary Helen DALY”
Her Trustees were directed to “employ the firm of Fitzgerald and Fitzgerald of Market St, Melbourne as Solicitors to the estate”


  1. Well recorded. I wonder what future generations will do for a hobby. We have done all of, well probably most of, the family history already. :-)