Friday 25 March 2016

Birthplace Pedigree Chart

Today I noticed many of my genimates have been compiling pedigree charts by birthplace using a spreadsheet with different colours for each country of birth.

It is a great visual for your family history immigration details and an interesting exercise originated by J Paul Hawthorne.

Thanks to Jill at GeniAus for sharing the prompt.

Here is mine ......


  1. It's simple but surprisingly effective.

  2. I haven't seem many that have included only one State in Austalia. That would have made it easier to research :)

    So many places that are close to me. Please let me know if I can help with any research or if you are in the area.

    1. My lot must have loved Victoria. My grandparents on both sides moved a lot but only my paternal grandparents did a stint in Queensland. They all must have loved Victoria. Thanks for your kind offer of help Sharon. One day soon I am going to get over that way and meet you somewhere.

  3. Ooh look at all those Victorians...bit like my New South Welsh mob....

  4. yes it seems they stayed put Alex.