Friday, 19 February 2016

Sepia Saturday 318 : Family Dogs

A timeline of some of my family's dogs.

My paternal grandfather's brothers, Ivor (Hip) and Alexander (Fat) Musson with their dogs at Rangiora, in New Zealand. Possibly early 1930s.

Me with my first dog about 1960.

My maternal grandparents, Daisy and Archie Fleming with their dogs Suzie (little terrier) and Goldie (Labrador) about 1967.

My brother, Ross and I with our much loved Lassie.

More dogs at my paternal grandparents, Jim and Brenda Forsyth's farm.

My mum with Lassie

My grandfather and Dad with Lassie late 1960s.

Uncle Willie (William Goodwin, husband of my paternal grandmother's sister) with his dog Duke.

Me with our Scotch Collies, Lassie and Laddie (very original) about 1972

Our childrens much loved Jack Russell, Nipper in Andrew's bike cart.  Taken at Dookie early 1990s.

Andrew and Lisa with Nipper and Tammy at the Dookie show early 1990s

Tammy won a ribbon.



  1. Jack Russells are such pretty little dogs, but whew they are exhausting. Nipper is a great name for a JR. In fact, I think they should all be named that.

  2. My father was born in Rangiora in 1924 and grew up there - perhaps he knew your Musson family. I can't picture Lassie as anything but a collie.

  3. A fine collection of dog photos. The first one is in an old setting that is worth preserving. I've been nipped by a Jack Russel or two.

  4. Wonderful collection of family dogs.

  5. Your brother and your dog seemed to enjoy holding hand/paw.

  6. All of the dogs are sweet-looking, but that last picture is a real charmer! And fitting the prompt picture so very well are the snaps of the dogs 'holding hands'. Nicely done.

  7. A lovely tribute to your family and their pets. My favourite photo was the first one of you and your brother, with Lassie resting her paw on Ross. A great sign of trust and love.

  8. A great collection of memories with the dogs. How lovely to see them with happy families. Lisa must have been very proud to get a ribbon. I had a few JRussel dogs, the one now is Billy and he is 8 years old. He is a clever little fellow.

  9. Lovely memories. I don’t own a dog but a friend has two Jack Russell cross, rescue dogs, and of course we love them.