Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Sepia Saturday 315 - Cooking memories

I always remember my maternal grandmother, Daisy FLEMING  in her kitchen, wearing her apron, making tea and cooking her wonderful scones.
Her scone recipe was a very simple, never fail and thrifty one using just flour and cream with sultanas and sugar added for special occasions.
These images will have to remain in my memory as I have no photos of her kitchens.

I do remember my paternal grandmother, Brenda FORSYTH, also in her apron but more often in her garden and not so often cooking.  
I know she cooked but I don't think she often baked cakes and biscuits.  
Well, not that I remember anyway.

My paternal grandmother, Brenda FORSYTH in her backyard beside her hot house.
Nana FORSYTH was quite house proud.
These are some photos of her house at 535 Archer Road, Kialla, Victoria, taken in the late 1960s

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  1. Nana obviously loved plants! And you got a couple of pictures of her stove oven. That has to count for something! I love scones & Daisy's versions likely went well with clotted cream and jam - or butter and honey. Yum.

    1. She certainly did love plants. I inherited a box of about 500 slides out of which I found about 30 of people and the rest plants! She was in the local garden club and in recent years the property in the photos has become a plant nursery!

  2. Love the 60s shots! My grandmother had a kitchen table/chair set much like you've got in your photo collection.