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52 Ancestors - Week 32 - Mary KELLAM

The challenge of week 32 is to write about one of my 32 third great-grandparents.

Mary Kellam was born in 1796 in Lincolnshire, England, her father, George, was 24 years of age and her mother, Catherine nee Gregg, was 28 years of age. 
 They were married in 1795 at Somerby.

Mary was Christened on the 10th of January 1796 at St Mary Magdalene Church, Old Somerby, Grantham, Lincolnshire, England.

"St.Mary Magdalen's church, Old Somerby, Lincs. - - 130303" by Richard Croft. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons 

The surname in the Christening record was spelt Kelham. 
Her parents names were George and Catherine.
Mary had two younger sisters, Catherine and Ann and two younger brothers, George and Mark.

No marriage record has yet been found for Mary KELLAM and Mark BIRD but they went on to have five sons and two daughters between 1820 and 1832 all born at Foston.
George Kellam BIRD (1820-1885)
Elizabeth BIRD (1821 - ?)
John BIRD (1823 - ?)
James BIRD (1825 - 1886)
Catherine BIRD (1828 - 1904) my 2nd great-grandmother
Christopher BIRD (1829 - ?)
Mark BIRD (1832 - 1916)

Mary died in January 1834 in Foston, England, at the age of 38 and her husband Mark died in December 1834 at the age of 45.
They are buried at St. Peter's church Foston.

St. Peter's church, Foston, Lincolnshire.

At Mary and Mark's deaths, the children ranged in age from 14 years to 2 years.  
It isn't known where the elder children lived after their parents deaths but the youngest son Mark BIRD was found in the 1841 census living with his grandfather George KELLAM at Waltham-on-the-Wolds, Leicestershire.  
George KELLAM was a master wheelwright as was his son-in-law Mark BIRD and eldest grandson George Kellam BIRD.
Mark BIRD junior also went on to be a wheelwright - journeyman.

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