Wednesday, 3 June 2015

52 Ancestors week 22 - School commencement

I first attended Gowrie Street Primary School, Shepparton in 1964.  
I'm in the front row, right hand side of the board, stretching my arms out.

The photo below is of Myrtleford State School grade 3 & 4 possibly about 1947.  
My mum, Joan Fleming, is far right in the back row and her sister Margaret is first left in the back row.

Below is a school photo for my maternal grandfather, Archie Fleming, who attended King Valley State School.  
He is far right in back row and would have been eleven years old in 1920.

My Dad started school in 1945 at Girgarre East Primary school in Northern Victoria and as the family moved around nearly every twelve months he attended many schools.
I don't have any school photos for him

The admission date for my paternal grandfather to the primary school at Belfast  Canterbury, New Zealand was the 25th of September 1911.   

His father also attended Belfast school, as did his siblings.  
Below are some school reunion photos.
Belfast school reunion - my great grandfather, James Christopher MUSSON is in the back row,  just to the right of the centre door.
my grandfather's eldest sister, Jessie MUSSON is in the back row, the second lady from right with the white hat.
I'm still searching for more school records for my other grandparents.

  52 Ancestors Challenge 
  by Amy Johnson Crow at "No Story Too Small"

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  1. How wonderful to have generations of school photos.. I do have my children's, mine and one of my father's, but only one of my mother's, with her two sisters.
    i like the idea of the comparisons..might have to do something similar.