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Allan Shannon FARQUHAR

This week, the United States will be observing Memorial Day.

I have recorded the military service of many family members from Australia, New Zealand, Scotland and Canada which can be read by clicking on the "Our family's brave soldiers"  tab above.

Allan Shannon FARQUHAR is the only U.S military man I have information for as yet.
I am not familiar with searching U.S military records so I have only found a little about his Navy/military service.

Allan was the nephew of my great great grandmother, Janet "Jessie" FORSYTH nee FARQUHAR. 
(which makes him my first cousin 3 times removed)
Jessie and her husband emigrated from Scotland to New Zealand in 1874.

Allan Shannon FARQUHAR was born on the 31st of January 1884 at Bucyrus, Ohio, USA to parents John Yule FARQUHAR and Emma Ann nee SHANNON. 
John Yule FARQUHAR and his brother William emigrated from Scotland to the United States in 1877.
John and William were brothers of Jessie and their sister Helen also emigrated to New Zealand.

  Allan was appointed Captain of the U.S.S Hale on the 12th of June, 1919.*
On the 17th of December, 1920 he was appointed Captain of the U.S.S Stribling.*
On the 17th of February, 1921 he was appointed Captain of the U.S.S Selfridge.*
 *information found on the Dreadnought program web site  

The Ohio Military Men 1917-1918 records show that Allan was appointed Lieutenant (Permanent) from Ohio 15 Dec 1914; 

Lieutenant Commander (Temporary) 31 Aug 1917; 

Commander (Temporary) 21 Sept 1918; 

Lieutenant Commander (Permanent) 1 July 1919. 

Gunnery Officer on Rhode Island 2 March 1917 to 31 Dec 1917;

Duty with Destroyer abroad 18 Jan 1917 to 18 May 1918; 
Command Sterrett 21 May 1918 to 14 Oct 1918.

In Service Order of Officer of the Crown by the Government of Belgium. 

Awarded the Navy Cross for distinguished Service in the line of his profession as Commanding Officer of the United States Ship Sterrett operating in the War Zone and protecting vitally important convoys of troop and cargo ships through the area of submarine activity. 

Also for resolute and skillful Service in rescuing the passengers and crew of the Japanese steamer Hirano Maru on 4 Oct 1918 and for the prompt and efficient action in contacts with enemy submarines on May 31 and 1 June 1918.

Allan married Charlotte MONNETT on the 26th of December 1929. 
In 1930, they were living at Brinley Street, Newport, Rhode Island. 
In 1932, they were living in San Diego, California.
I found in the 1940 U.S. census that Allan and Charlotte had two daughters born in Washington, Charlotte b 1933 and Jean b 1934.

Allan S. Farquhar served as Captain of the USS Salt Lake City CA25 from April 13, 1935 - October 14, 1936.*
* information from Master Index

At some stage, he was made Rear Admiral as that was his rank when he died on the 18th of November 1966 at Jacksonville, Florida

Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Virginia, USA 
  52 Ancestors Challenge 
  by Amy Johnson Crow at "No Story Too Small"


  1. Hi Kerryn,

    This is my maternal grandfather. He was a wonderful man. I am the daughter of Charlotte Anne. They have a third daughter, Mary Allan Farquhar who is my aunt. All the best, Leslie Malone Berger

    1. Thanks so much for your contact Leslie. I see I have Mary as an Ancestry DNA match. So glad the DNA confirms my traditional genealogy research.