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Hulme family History - St Pancras and Fulham, United Kingdom.

On the first of January 1810 my 4 x great grandparents, Daniel Hulme, a grocer of Henry Street, and Mary Wood were married in the old church at St Pancras, UK.

Daniel and Mary had seven children.  The first four were all baptised at the St Pancras old church but I haven't found baptism records for Daniel, Edward or George.
Mary Ann (1810-1810)
William Clough/Cluff (1811-1895)
Caroline (1812-1886)
Isabella (1814-1885)
Daniel (1816-1837)
Edward (1818-1904)
George (1820-1902)

On April the eighteenth 1813 their son William Clough/Cluff Hulme (my 3 x great grandfather) and his sister Caroline were baptised at the church.

Another old picture of the church can be seen Here >

By 1847 the old church was derelict and was heavily restored with the old tower being replaced.

From Wikipedia
St Pancras Old Church is a Church of England parish church in Somers Town, central London. It is dedicated to the Roman martyr Saint Pancras, and is believed by many to be one of the oldest sites of Christian worship in England. The church is situated on Pancras Road in the London Borough of Camden, with the surrounding area and its international railway station taking its name. St Pancras Old Church, which was largely rebuilt in the Victorian era, should not be confused with St Pancras New Church about a kilometre away, on the Euston Road.  read more >

 I love to find and look at places my ancestors lived on google maps but I wasn't able to find Henry Street.  My very helpful cousin Shelagh (not Hulme connection) was able to find an old map and further information which allowed us to pinpoint where it was.  Thanks Shelagh!

Shelagh found this web page,  inner London street name changes
which shows that what was formerly Henry Street is now Roger Street.  According to Google maps the street is about a 20 minute walk from the St. Pancras old church.


Daniel Hulme senior died in 1823.  One family story passed down is that Daniel fought with Nelsons fleet as a midshipman and was badly wounded.
As a result he became a very heavy drinker .. an alchoholic which is why his son Edward became such a dedicated "Blue Ribboner" - an active member of the temperance movement.

It isn't known when the family moved to Fulham but Mary's death certificate says she was a Grocer and she died at High Street, Fulham. Her youngest son George was informant.

A Fulham council archivist searched the burial register of All Saints, Fulham, and found an entry for the burial of Daniel Hulme of Fulham, aged 40 years, on 3 July 1823.  Mary never remarried and died on the thirteenth of March 1875 at High Street Fulham.

A register of memorial stones in Fulham churchyard was compiled in 1887 by Thomas James Woodhouse.  One of the headstones he listed was that inscribed "In Memory of Daniel & Mary Hulme & several of the Family". No dates or further names were given.

The burial register of All Saints, Fulham, dating from 1863 onwards is missing. By 1895 no new graves were being excavated in the churchyard.
Fulham Cemetery, Fulham Palace Road, was opened in 1865.

A search of the cemetery register found no entry for Mary Hulme.
In view of  the reference to the family memorial and the missing burial register it is most likely that Mary Hulme was buried in Fulham churchyard in the same grave as her husband.

My very dear and very helpful cousin Cathy (again no Hulme connection) visited the UK and on her travels very kindly took these photos at Fulham for me.

Thanks Cathy!

Three of Daniel and Mary's children had married and emigrated to Australia before Mary's death.

Edward "King" Hulme emigrated with his wife Jemima Land and their first seven children in 1856 on the ship Sultana.

William and his wife Hephzibah Land and their children; although not all on the same voyage, in 1862 on the ship Blue Jacket.
(Yes Jemima and Hephzibah were sisters)

Isabella, her husband William Humphrey and their children in 1865.

Youngest son George took over at the shop in High Street.  He died in 1902 at the age of 81.

George's son,  Frederick Hulme, is listed at 63 High Street, Fulham, in the twentieth century Kelly's local directories, from 1901 to 1931/2 where he is described variously as domestic machinery dealer, grocer and general store keeper. He is not listed in the next directory of 1937/8.
However, he is last listed at that address in the Fulham register of electors for October 1935.
Frederick died in 1939 at the age of 80.

I am proud and happy to say that, along with my own research, information has been shared with and by quite a few descendants of Daniel and Mary Hulme both from here in Australia and other parts of the world.

Many thanks to you all and let's hope we can continue adding information.

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