Friday, 28 February 2014

Faces from the past

This face from the past was amongst some of my grandmother's slides that I had digitised the other day.  Does anyone recognise this man?

I have a vague childhood memory of him. (his jumper matches the flowers beautifully)

Nana had hundreds of slides but as she was an avid gardener and member of the local garden club most of those were of plants.
I sorted about 40 that weren't plants and had them digitised.

I think this chap may have been a relative of Dot, my great Uncle Frank's partner.  Great uncle Frank was my grandmother's younger brother.

Uncle Frank and Aunty Dot lived at 3 Prismall Street Altona. 
Below is the only photo I have of them.  It was also in the slide collection.

When I searched google maps for that address I could see that their old house was either rebuilt or extensively renovated but the brick garage next door was the same even considering the 30 odd year gap!

current 3 Prismall Street Altona.

Friday’s Faces from the Past is a geneablogger's daily prompt - a way to highlight photos, of known ancestors or complete unknowns suggested by madar Belkin Gerson of Past-Present-Future.

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