Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Trove Tuesday - more on Sgt Major Albert Henry Percival Fleming

For the  Trove Tuesday theme by Amy Houston from Branches, Leaves & Pollen 

I was searching for further news articles to include in my post about my Mum's Uncle  Sgt Major Albert Henry Percival Fleming  

I found an article that was not yet available so I registered for an email to be sent to notify me when it was ready.  

The email came through last Wednesday and this is the article 


  1. I love those emails from Hal! Great article with so much detail about his experience. I imagine he was very "glad to get back amongst his own people".

  2. Me too Fi, Hal has been very busy lately :)

  3. I was surprised by the cursory mention of battle names which we now know to have been horrofic. He was a lucky man to have survived such a list, perhaps thankful for his dose of flu,Kerryn.

  4. Oh my goodnes... yes, I thought exactly the same as Pauleen. From the Gallipoli landing and through all those terrible battles. Wonderful that he survived and made it safely home Kerryn!


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