Sunday, 7 July 2019

Bible of Mary BIRD nee KELLAM

Jackie is my 4th cousin once removed and has shared with me some wonderful photos of the Bible that once belonged to my 3 x Great-Grandmother, Mary BIRD nee KELLAM.

Our most recent common ancestors are George Kellam born about 1772 at Waltham on the Wolds, Leicestershire, England and his wife Catherine Gregg born about 1768 Lincolnshire, England.
Catherine died on the 22nd of March 1825 and George died on the 12th of March 1858, both at Waltham on the Wolds.

Mary and her husband Mark BIRD both died rather young in 1834.  Mary aged 38 and Mark aged 46.

The Bible has been kept safe all these years by members of the KELLAM family.

We had a discussion in Facebook about the transcription of the writing and it was agreed that it read "George Kellam Bird
He was Bourn (born) February 3 1820 (Month unreadable but gleaned from parish records) 
5 Minnits Bee Four 4 Clouck (5 minutes before 4 o'clock)."

George Kellam Bird was a Wheelwright as was his maternal grandfather George Kellam.  

Jackie said that most of the village of Waltham on the Wolds had belonged to The Duke of Rutland and villagers were renting from him. The houses in the village were sold off to cover tax after WW1 which is when her grandfather purchased the house known as Wheelwrights in Waltham where the family had lived for generations.

Mary and Mark's youngest son Mark BIRD junior went to live with his grandfather George KELLAM after his parents died which is likely where the Bible also went.  Mark also became a Wheelwright.

The list of children has confirmed our genealogy  paper trail research.


  1. What an absolute priceless heirloom. How wonderful that Jackie was willing to share ... thank you also for sharing kerryn 😊

    1. Indeed a priceless heirloom of our ancestry Corrinne. x

  2. What an amazing discovery. Love the writing! So wonderful to share these common (ie shared) heirlooms.

    1. It is amazing isn't it. I love the writing too.

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    Thank you, Chris
    What a treasure.. and so lovely to have it shared.

    1. Thanks Chris. It is a treasure and we are very lucky to have the chance to see it. I'm truly grateful.