Friday, 20 January 2017

Some good news for our family

Shared recently on a social media family history page by cousin Harold Shipston.

"I had the new owners of "Fermoy" ring me today.
They are lovely people whose intent in buying the historic building is to restore it as close as they can to the original condition, just as it was when the last of our Garrett family moved away.
The couple purchased it with the sole interest of collecting every scrap of history they can find and documenting the stories of the people that lived their lives here.
Fermoy is the oldest standing building in Euroa and it was founded by Maurice Garrett. Maurice and Isabella Beaton made a formidable team in the foundation of Euroa with Maurice arriving in the mid-1800's At the age of 22.
He and Isabella combined to set not only our families history but that of Euroa too.
For those of us that feel a strong connection with this home, rest assured, it is in good caring safe hands."

Family of Maurice GARRETT who opened one of the first Hotels & General stores in North Eastern Vic in 1860's at Euroa.

Isabella GARRETT nee BEATON (Formerly PIKE and HARRISON)

Photos from the Garrett and Beaton family history collections which have been generously shared by our many family researchers.

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