Friday, 20 January 2017

Sepia Saturday 351 - Grandmothers

The Sepia Saturday challenge this week is two pictures of the same woman at different stages of her life.
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My Maternal grandmother, Daisy Marion FLEMING nee MORGAN at ages 16 and 86.

Only recently I was gobsmacked to receive the early photo below of my Paternal grandmother, Brenda Mary FORSYTH nee ADAMS, aged 21.  It was sent to me, along with other family letters and photos, by descendants of her maternal Uncle, Alexander MORGAN, who had moved to New Zealand in 1886.
(I have MORGAN ancestry on both sides of my family).
He had kept many photos and letters, perhaps because he was so far from "home"
We had never seen a photo of her so young.
The second photo was taken when she was 91. 

Back of the photo of young Brenda Adams


  1. Perfect entries for this week's prompt. And both quite lovely ladies - both in their youth, and in older age. Lucky you to have those fine photos!

  2. Daisy's face at 86 really didn't change very much! Handy that Brenda noted her age on the photo. Little did they know how much we'd appreciate the information so many years later.

  3. What a wonderful gift to receive a youthful photo.

  4. How I would love such photos... my maternal grandmother died at just 41, my mother was only 11 and the earliest photos I have of my paternal grandmother are when she was about 54, but looked so much older.

  5. Lovely photos; you can see their younger selves shining through in their old age portraits.

  6. Grandmothers on BOTH sides -- that's fun! You can see the younger girl in the older woman -- it's amazing.

  7. Perfect! Beauty squared four times!

  8. Do you see yourself in either of the faces? I have always searched for where I came from in my face and discovered my mother and I both resemble her grandmother who had died long before my mother was born. I look at the photo and find it odd to see a face that feels so familiar.