Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Large Family - 52 Ancestors - Week 37

The largest family in my ancestry would have to be my Mum's FLEMING family.
Cousin Debbie FRANK says her Mum, Edna nee FLEMING,  told her she would probably be related to half of Victoria through the FLEMING family.  
I think she may have been right.

Our common great-great-grandfather, Willian Finlay/Finley FLEMING and his wife Ann Jane KNIGHT (above) had 13 children and many of those went on to have large families.

Ann Jane - (1853-1925) married Arthur THOMPSON and had 10 children
William James - (1855-1931) married Johanna FISHER and had 12 children.
Donald, my great grandfather - (1860-1921) married Margaret HART and had 11 children.
Alice - (1863-1944) married Thomas TUCKETT and had 7 children.
Finlay - (1864-1910) married Jessie SPLATT and had 9 children.
Moses - (1866-1939) married Mary HUGHS and had 9 children.
Matilda - (1870-1956) married Charles WORRALL and had 9 children.
John Knight - (1875-1954) married Margaret SPLATT and had 11 children.
Selina Maude - (1878-1952) married Samuel LAURENCE, they only had 2 children.

Ellen, Sarah, Ruth and Christina FLEMING all died in infancy.

William Finlay and Ann Jane FLEMING with 5 of their children.
52 Ancestors Challenge 
  by Amy Johnson Crow at 
"No Story Too Small"
Note from Amy - Did you know that all 10 of the most common birthdays are in September? (If you’re a chart geek like me, check out this heat map of birth date frequencies.) 


  1. I had some big families among mine too but luckily some didn't marry. I live the heat map...will have to try it when time permits...just have to remember it ;)

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  3. Is there a Fleming male from this branch of the Fleming family willing to participate in our Fleming DNA project. We have 2 projects, a general Fleming Surname and also another for families from Scotland. Once Y tested (simple cheek swab) a participant can join both proects to compare with other Flemings from around the world. Most Fleming males are having the 67 y marker test. Other Fleming relatives and females can have the Family Finder test at FTDNA. As will bring up cousins connections recent and distant.