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Family History through the Alphabet 
I reckon my jaw nearly hit the ground the day I asked my mother-in-law how to spell the name of her home town.  

I always thought it was Quinjee-borer.

Well that's how it was pronounced and often shortened to just Quinjee!

The name fascinated me.  Sadly her father had been killed in a buggy accident on his way home from Daylesford.

Daylesford Advocate - September 3rd 1937.

Death of Korweinguboora pioneer:
As a result of an accident early in the week, Mr. W. Riley, a pioneer of Korweinguboora, died in the Daylesford Hospital on Tuesday.  He was 73 years of age.  He was born at Warnambool.
Mr. Riley drove to Daylesford in a buggy on Monday.  On the return journey, as he neared Sailors Falls, the horse shied and swung the buggy against a post.  The vehicle capsized over a steep embankment.  Mr.  Riley was thrown out and rendered unconcious.  A passing motorist was hailed, and Mr. Riley was conveyed to the Daylesford Hospital.
He was admitted suffering from fractured ribs and severe head injuries.  He died 24 hours later without regaining consciousness.
He had lived nearly all his life in the district,  where he was highly esteemed.
The late Mr. Riley, who was 73 years of age on the day of his death, is survived by a widow, two sons and two daughters.
The funeral, which took place on Thursday afternoon, was very largely attended by friends from the Korweinguboora district.
Coffin bearers were Messrs J. and R. Riley (sons), J. and J. Riley, R. Elvis and R. Young (nephews); cord bearers, being Messrs J. Riley (brother), H. Winter (brother in law), W. Mustard (nephew), G. Hodge, G. Howard and J. Dwyer.
Rev Father Hunter officiated at the graveside, and mortuary arrangements were attended to by Mr. R. F. Verey.
This wonderful 1936 newspaper article found in Trove summed up how locals felt about their long long town names.
Boomahnoomoonah And Upotipotpon Stay Unchanged. (1936, May 25). Barrier Miner (Broken Hill, NSW : 1888 - 1954), p. 4. Retrieved July 22, 2012, from

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  1. That's a sad story. It must have been quite a shock for the family to lose their father in that way. Very interesting place names though!

  2. A tragic story but what interesting place names. Although I wouldn't want to be a young child learning to spell them!

  3. I love these place names, especially those from east of Shepparton and near Yarrawonga mentioned in the newspaper article - some fascinating place names over that way :)

  4. I was born in Shepparton and still get tongue-tied saying a lot of those names .... as for spelling them ... pass.

  5. K is for Kerryn who is submitting some great posts to this challenge, Thanks.

  6. I love Australia's aboriginal town names - it's part of Australia's history. And while I've seen many wonderful placenames working in a mail order business for many years, I haven't come across Korweinguboora before. :)

  7. Fascinating post with lots of amazing info... thanks Kerryn. Cheers, Catherine