Friday, 6 July 2012

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Irish research

Irish research has always frustrated me but thankfully so much more is now becoming available online.

The biggest problem I've had with my Irish ancestry is common surnames and the fact that Australian records usually only give county names not townlands.  

The only way I found the name of the townland for my great great grandmother was because one of her brothers went on from Australia to New Zealand.  His New Zealand death certificate gave both county and townland names.

One of my favourite online resources for Irish research is 

Ireland Genealogy Project &
Ireland Genealogy Project Archives

And for the month of July the Irish Family History Foundation is introducing a change to its system for viewing pages of search results to allow you to view more search result pages. 

There are also some great new Facebook groups for specific Irish Counties genealogy.  
These are closed groups so you need to ask to join.  
There are docs that you can add your surname interests to and everyone is very helpful and friendly.

Thanks to Christina Hunt the following is a list of Irish counties with a Facebook page.
 "Family History Through the Alphabet challenge" introduced by Gould 

 My family history through the alphabet list


  1. We certainly need The Luck of the Irish when chasing ancestors from the Enerald Isle.

  2. Thanks for sharing this example of why it is essential to research the siblings. I have seen that technique break down many genealogical brick walls.

  3. All my Irish ancestors (in Ireland) are brickwalls so any tips I can get are appreciaed. Thank you for the links.

  4. Hi there Kerryn, I have similar probs to you with the researching of our Irish "rellie's. Appreciate very much your blog and have nominated you for the "Illuminating Blogger Award" which was passed onto me by Pauline. You can read more about it on: Cheers, Catherine.