About me

I'm an Aussie and I've been researching my ancestry for over 20 years now and loving every step of the journey. 

Over the years many mysteries have been solved and I hope more information will be found in the future. I love to find other family members so if you think you may be connected please let me know.

My ancestry is Australian, New Zealand, Scotland, England, Wales, Ireland and Germany (Prussia)

My first ancestor to arrive in Australia was my maternal great great great grandfather, John Pike from Ireland in early 1840 and the last to arrive in Australia was my paternal grandfather from New Zealand in about 1935 or 1936. I was lucky to have known and cherished all my grandparents and now I have two little grandsons to cherish myself.

Graeme and I have been married since 1979 and have a son and daughter.

My blog is a tribute to my ancestors and a way of recording family stories and photos for future generations of our families.

Thanks for visiting.

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  1. Hi Kerryn
    Happy New Year
    My name is Paul Dutton. I've been researching the family tree for a while now and am currently reviewing the Rathbone connection. I'm trying to establish the definitive William Rathbone that married Elizabeth Martin in Victoria in 1857. He was born in 1821 in either Delamere (my connection) or Sandbach in Cheshire - both options are included in various online trees.
    I've found various references to George Martinez's book "From Wheels to Wings" including your blog - have you seen a copy of this or do you know where a copy might be?
    William from Delamere is a 1st cousin of mine so if he is the one that emigrated to Australia and married Elizabeth then we would be related albeit distantly. My email address is paul.dutton@btinternet.com if that is better to respond to.