Thursday, 7 June 2018

My New Updated Ethnicity Estimates from AncestryDNA

A person's DNA doesn't change but their ethnicity results can as companies update using "improved ways" to analyse the data.

Many people only test to get ethnicity results.  That's their prerogative.
I love finding relatives all over the globe and am lucky to have "met" both in person and virtually, some lovely new cousins and like-minded friends through both paper and genetic genealogy.

I certainly don't have a hope of understanding the technicalities of how it's done but the genetic genealogy experts say ethnicity estimates are just that, estimates.

I think of it as an extra, interesting and even fun addition to my DNA matching for genealogy but I don't take it as gospel even though the results are pretty much what I would have expected from my years of research. 
Given that quite a lot of that research has been confirmed through DNA matches I am in agreeance with their "estimates" and find not all that much difference between the results of the companies I have uploaded to.

This is my initial AncestryDNA ethnicity results breakdown and the map.

Below is my newly updated breakdown estimate and map:

There are also explanations available.

You can read further AncestryDNA FAQs about the updates HERE 

And more in-depth information on updated ethnicities by Debbie Kennett at Cruwys news  Blog.

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