Thursday, 10 May 2018

Birthday Remembrance - Ada May Hulme

Today is the 134th anniversary of the birthday of my maternal great-grandmother, Ada May Hulme, who was born at Oxley, Victoria on the 10th of May 1884 to parents Joseph Hulme and Anna Dorothea Bartsh.

Ada married William Thomas Morgan in 1905.  
Their daughter Daisy Marion was my maternal grandmother.


Ada and Bill Morgan had five children and seventeen grandchildren.
Clarice May (nickname Tod) 1905 – 1998.
Daisy Marion (nickname Billy) 1908 – 1998
Ellen Mavis (nickname Bobby) 1910 – 1981
Lila Elaine (nickname Johnny) 1913 – 1990
and finally their much-wanted boy! 
Herbert William (nickname Bert of course) 1926 – 1971
L-R Daisy, Clarice, Bert, Mavis and Lila.
Grandma Morgan (Ada May nee Hulme) seated.
Bert Lila Mavis Daisy Clarice
Bert, Lila, Mavis, Daisy and Clarice
They lived for many years at Boggy Creek near Moyhu in Victoria.
Grandma Morgan died at Wangaratta, Victoria, at the age of 80, on the 22nd of April 1965.  
  Grandad had pre-deceased her by 15 years.

William Thomas Morgan


  1. Great content and I love her hair!

    1. Thanks David. I love her hair and her tiny waist!

  2. Hi Kerryn,

    I'vge sent you a friend request on Facebook as I am Michael Morgan, the son of Bert and Kath Morgan

    1. Thanks Michael, wonderful to catch up. I don't remember if I got to meet your Dad but I did your mum and you also I think at a reunion we had at Yarrawonga and later at Wangaratta.