Sunday, 11 February 2018

52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks - Week 6 : Favourite Name - Pleasance Hulme

A favourite name in my family tree is Pleasance Alice.

Pleasance Alice Hulme was my maternal great-grandaunt.
She was born at Oxley in 1890 the 2nd youngest daughter of Joseph Hulme and Anna Dorothea nee Bartsh.

Photo labelled "Auntie Pleasance Hulme" in my grandmother's album.
The first entry in the Victorian electoral rolls for Pleasance is in 1917 when she is a Nurse living at Gray Street in Wangaratta.

In 1917 her sister Lucy Jemima Simmonds nee Hulme died.  Family members have said that pleasance raised Lucy's only surviving daughter Dulcie who was a year old at her mother's death.

From 1918 to 1920 she was nursing her father who was ill for 2 years.
"Excerpt from Obituary in "Wangaratta Chronicle" 3-10-1920
After an illness of two years duration, Mr Joseph Hulme died on Sunday, at his home at Milawa, the cause being heart failure.  Throughout he was attentively cared for by his daughters."
In 1921 Pleasance was a Nurse at The Women's hospital in Carlton South.

From 1924 to 1936 she was a Nurse living in Milawa.

This photo is also from my grandmother's photo album.
Labelled Aunt Chub, Dulcie Simmonds, Daisy Morgan, Uncle Herb and Grandad Morgan.
It looks like they are in the tomato patch!

Pleasance, behind the post, was known as Aunt Chub. Why I have no idea.
Uncle Herb is Herbert Hulme her younger brother.  I am fairly certain Dulcie is the girl in white.  I don't know who the girl far left is.  My grandmother Daisy is beside the post, "Grandad Morgan" is her father, William Thomas Morgan. He married Pleasance and Herb's older sister, my great-grandmother, Ada May Hulme.
The photo was possibly taken around 1926 at Moyhu.

In 1937 Pleasance occupation was Home duties at 34 Hotham Street Ballarat.  No further details found as yet.
1943 her occupation was Sales and she was living at 475 Burke Road, Kooyong.  No further details found as yet.

1949 to 1963 saw Pleasance living at 27 Peate Avenue, Camberwell/Glen Iris. Again her occupation was Home duties.

Living next door was her niece, Dulcie Enid Collier nee Simmonds who Pleasance raised after the death of her sister,  Dulcie's mother, Lucy Jemima Simmonds, nee Hulme in 1917.

Pleasance died on the 5th of July, 1965.

In her Will, she left everything to her niece Dulcie including her house at 27 Peate Avenue.


  1. Such an unusual, but beautiful name.

    1. It is isn't it Bernie, I haven't heard of it anywhere else. I must look around to see if there are any other instances.