Monday, 27 November 2017

There are family trees and there are family trees

Recently I revisited a reunion book for my maternal grandmother's MORGAN family that was held at Euroa in November 1980.

The book was compiled from family members stories and photos by Rhonda Payne nee MORGAN who dedicated it to her grandparents Arthur and Eva MORGAN.

Book cover. 
It was later discovered that Sarah Morgan's maiden name was BLOUNT, not Brunt.

This book contains an extensive family tree of descendants of John and Sarah who migrated as assisted immigrants to Australia from Herefordshire, England in 1842 on board the ship "Lady Fitzherbert".

Over the following years and still ongoing, the family trees have been added to by an enthusiastic group of our family history researchers.

Tucked away inside the book I found a page written out by my Nanna Daisy FLEMING nee MORGAN.
These were a list of the children of her grandparents, Thomas Fitzherbert Morgan and Mary Ann Pike, all but two of her father's twelve siblings using the names she knew them as.
The two who aren't listed died in childhood. 
They are John Morgan (1867 - 1874 Euroa) and Maurice Morgan (1881 - 1882 Euroa)

Starting from the top of the list, which isn't in date order but as Nanna remembered each family.  Priceless and such a memory!

Uncle Ben - Benjamin Morgan born 1885, Euroa died 1910 Boggy Creek.
Wangaratta Chronicle, Wed Feb 9, 1910. "Sudden Death at Boggy Creek. - A young man named M. B MORGAN, 21 years of age, was found dead in his bed on Saturday morning at the residence of his brother, Mr. Wm MORGAN, Boggy Creek.  Deceased was a labourer, and had worked for Mr. H JONES and Mr. W C LEWIS, Moyhu.  While working for the latter he complained of heart pains and had to cease work.  On Wednesday last he consulted Dr McLAY, who told him that he was suffering from heart disease, and that from indications he would not live many days.  The remains were taken to Euroa for interment, as the family grave is in the cemetery at that place."

Uncle Tom & Auntie Sarah (Euroa) - Thomas Fitzherbert Morgan the 2nd born 1868 and died 1943 at Euroa.  Married Sarah McNay in 1894. They had eleven children Archibald, William, Thomas, Marion, Sarah, Jane, James, Benjamin, Harry, Edward and John.

Uncle Alex and Auntie ? - Alexander Frederick Morgan born 1875 at Euroa died 1946 at Eldorado near Wangaratta.  Alexander first married Emily Wakenshaw in 1897.  They had five children Herbert, Elizabeth, George, Emily, and Isabella.  His wife died in 1902.  Later Alexander married Alice Irene McCann in 1909.  They had four children Violet, Benjamin, Frederick, and Thomas.

Uncle Jock and Auntie Edie - John Pike Morgan born 1879 at Euroa, died 1953 at Jerilderie, NSW.  He married Edith Elsie Tynan.  They had no children.

Uncle George and Auntie Janet - George Morgan was born 1870 Euroa and died 1957 Euroa.  He married Janet Crockett in 1910.  They had one son, George Alexander Morgan.

Uncle Bob and Auntie May - Robert Maurice Morgan was born 1873 at Euroa, he died in 1952 at Wangaratta.  Robert married Hannah Mabel Morgan (no relation) in 1912.  They had ten children Ivy, Clifford, Robert (Maurice), Vivian, James, John Thomas (Tom), Benjamin, William, Arthur, and Norman.

William Thomas and Ada May (Mum & Dad) - William Thomas Morgan was born 1872 at Euroa, he died in 1950 at Wangaratta.  He married Ada May Hulme in 1905.  They had five children, four girls who had boys nicknames Clarice (Tod), my Nanna Daisy (Billy), Mavis (Bobby), Lila (Johnny) and then Herbert.

Uncle Ted and Auntie May - Edward Richard Morgan born 1883 Euroa died 1959 Melbourne.  He married Maria Paterson in 1909.  They had seven children.  Reginald, Gladys, Sylvia, Melinda, William, Edward and Jean

Uncle Fred and Auntie Nell - Frederick Alexander Morgan (it gets confusing when there are brothers Alexander Frederick and Frederick Alexander!) was born 1891 at Euroa and died 1939 Berrigan NSW.  He married Nellie Morgan (no relation) in 1911.  They had nine children. Frederick Attwell, John, Thomas Roy, Joyce, Valda, Nellie, Margaret, Ronald, and Faye.

Auntie Ease and Uncle Archie McNay - Isobela Sarah Morgan was born 1877 Euroa, died 1946 Yarrawonga.  She married Archibald McNay in 1896.  They had three children.  Marion, Lilian, and Archibald.

Auntie Pops and Uncle Harry - Marion Morgan (Pops) was born 1889 Euroa and died 1924 Beechworth, Victoria.  She married Henry Thomas McCoomb in 1911.  They had five children.  Neil, Marion Winifred, George, Evelyn, and Elsie. 


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