Thursday, 13 November 2014

Family Friends Friday - Pratt and Pigram families of Edi Upper

These photos are in the photo album of my maternal grandmother, Daisy Fleming nee Morgan and I am so thankful that my mum went through and named all the photos with her, even though those stickers are probably not the best idea.

The Pratt and Pigram families were neighbours and friends of my maternal grandparents, Daisy and Archie Fleming

They were farmers living at Edi Upper in the King Valley, North Eastern Victoria.

They were still listed as living there in the 1980 electoral roll.

I'm fairly sure that Laurel and Dudley were brother and sister.

Laurel married Charles Alexander Pratt and they had a son named Carl John Pratt about 1952.  

I remember mum telling me that Carl was killed in a car accident.  He died in 1969.

There are two other photos, one of Billy Pratt with his car, what looks like an EH Holden, and one of Louise Pratt.  I haven't added those photos as they could be still living.  
I think they are Carl's brother and sister.

I'm not sure if the photo below is the same Billy Pratt or not.

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